So, I'm back at work.

After being unemployed for 10 months it feels a little odd to get up early and shave every day again, but I like working again.

I wasn’t sure I would as I was getting quite comfortable not working, but the savings is getting really low, and living on 20% (unemployment) of my income doesn’t leave any left over dollars for anything beyond basics.

It is the longest stretch I have ever been without work and I was unable to even get my foot in a door for an interview for over 9 months. I kept telling my wife that all I needed was to be seen face to face and I would get a job, and it turns out I was right. I was certain my age was keeping me out of work, and it was probably a factor. My very first real interview and I have a job paying slightly more than I was making before and I had started aplying for half what I thought I was worth.

Even better news, I am now at NASA and will have a ring side seat for the next shuttle launch.

Life still keeps working out.:wink:

Congrats. I’m in much the same boat. I was only out of work for a few weeks, though, so I wasn’t starting to sweat just yet. But I’m in a much cooler place making a lot more than I was before, even though I was willing to take a pay cut.

Let’s have a virtual beer to celebrate.

finest kind of news! congratulations!


In 2009 I was out of work for almost 10 months.

Month 1) Kind of relaxing and fun. Two interviews. Hey this will be easy.
Month 2) Nice to go for a nap after everyone leaves for work/school.
Month 3) Running low on money. When will my unemployment cheques start arriving?
Month 4) Still no unemployment money coming in; the offices are swamped with applications.
Month 5) Started applying for anything and everything: Walmart, Home Depot, Bus Driver, Newspaper delivery… No response. Unemployment cheques cover mortgage only.
Month 6) Attend government assist programs for resume writing and interview techniques. (Excuse to get out of the house.)
Month 7) I may never work again. Total despair.
Month 8) Interview! Got the job pending security check.
Month 9) Security check still in progress.
Month 10) Back at work.

Good God, I don’t wish that on anyone.

Congratulations Lanzy.

Congrats to all y’all.


Congratulations everyone! That’s fantastic.

Woohoo! Good luck in your new career!

Thanks, Virtual Beers all around!!

I was out for nearly two years and because of my age/experience had almost given up hope. Well, I’m nearly 3 months into my new job and I can honestly say that the first two months were hell but I’m finding my stride now. I just completed my first major deadline this week (on schedule) and am giving myself a huge pat on the back!