So I'm being tempted by Satellite Internet Access

I’m a DirecTV subscriber. Out here in the mountains there is no cable OR regular reception. So, in order to watch the Cubs I need a dish. Simple enough, right?

I also can only access the 'Net via landline. 44K tops. I have 4 lines coming into my place. Voice, Fax, Data1, Data2 (one for me and one for Lady Chance).

But now they’re offering DirectWay Satellite Access. 400K Downstream/128K Upstream. No need for a landline at all.

And I’m being tempted. I could dump 2 lines (saving about $50/month). 4 machines can be hooked up to this dish.

But it’s a trifle pricey. $99 set up, $99 each month for the first year (that buys me the new dish), then $59 per month after that. And, as mentioned, I’d need to add a second dish to the roof for it. The currect dish can’t broadcast.

So what do the Teeming Millions think? Is this a deal or should I stick with the current medium-tech system I’ve got?

I think it depends on what you need. I have (very) high-speed access because I do a lot of uploading, downloading, bandwidth intensive stuff. If you need/want that, then go for it… if it’s just email and you don’t mind waiting for websites, then stick with what you have. I know it drove me crazy when I was off in the mountains and had the noisiest phone lines ever, but it’s all about what you’re using it for.

Go with Dish Network’s Starband, if they are still offering it.

Higher setup cost, lower monthly bill, but most of all…

Two-way high speed access. is where to find it. It’s what I use…

Go with Dish Network’s Starband, if they are still offering it.

Higher setup cost, lower monthly bill, but most of all…

Two-way high speed access- with no phone needed. is where to find it. It’s what I use…

FWIW, a friend of mine LOVES his set up. If you spend a lot of time online and can afford it, it’s worth the price.

We do spend a LOT of time online.

And we design web sites for fun and profit so there’s a lot of upstream work, too.

If you do a lot on online gaming, you may want to check the signal delay inherent in the hop to the satellite and back to earth.

I seem to remember that going to geosynchronous orbit, where the satellite is, involves a delay of almost a second round-trip. If you have delays of more than a tenth of a second in network connectiions that involve feedback, control becomes difficult.

Hmm. SOL lag should be roughly 1/4 second. That’s a lot for online gaming.

But we stopped doing that when the baby arrived. Oof.


If you’re going to do Starband, make sure you do NOT get the USB port access if you want to network the signal to more than one computer.

We are doing this here at my business, and I get faster internet access by dialing up than I do from the network - routing a Starband signal drops you down to approx. 15-20K.

I’ve been looking around, but no one seems to have an answer to my problem.

Also - if you use it heavily (i.e. downloading something or online gaming) the satellite senses your heavy usage and cuts down your bandwidth so you don’t interfere too bad with other people. It really drops you down bad.

All in all, stay with your dialup until DSL is available.

I’m a very dissatisfied user.

Yeah satellite is crap for online gaming… Usually pakcet loss is higher than with cable/dsl…

What about ISDN? That’s 100k up and down… and I think generally 60/month… Install is kinda expensive though

Apparently I didn’t make clear where I live.

Go to nowhere.

Now go PAST nowhere so you’re so far out they haven’t even HEARD of 7-elevens.

Now drive 15 more miles.

You can see my house from there. If you squint.

I will, quite simply, never have access to DSL or ISDN or any form of broadband that requires wires. Not gonna happen.

So it seems to me as if my only hope is SOME form of satellite service.

So, have you considered moving? :wink:

Really though, if you’re doing a good amount of upstream and you spend a lot of time online, go for it. Just remember that you can never go back…

Well, it’s a minimum of a years commitment, that’s true.

And moving isn’t an option. I love it here.