So I'm easily amused - What's the "Who Posted" for?

Pick a forum, any forum. Let’s say MPSIMS.

Now choose a thread, any thread. Let’s say Two Word Post.

Now if you click on the number of replies in the forum window, up pops a small window that tells you who posted to the thread and how many times. For the thread in question:

Total Posts: 376
User Posts
Mudshark 23
Cougarfang 23
Rico 22
FireUnderpantsBoobs 17
Flamsterette_X 11
and so on…
It’s cute, but what would I, Joe MessageBoardUser, use this for?

I think you answered your own question… I use it to keep myself amused when I’m bored.

I never noticed that! Thank you for pointing it out Why A Duck. Since it’s javascript, it might not work in every browser, but it’s a nice feature.
Why is it useful? I can see several reasons. What if you don’t remember if you posted in that thread or not? You don’t have to read every single post to find out.
What if I want to find out that my arch-nemesis, Why A Duck has posted in that thread, so I can make him feel the sting of my wit? etc…

Cool. I’ve always wanted to be an arch-nemesis. What’s the job pay?


Do I get a coffee mug?


Hey! Point that wit somewhere else wouldja?

I only have 11 (now 12) posts in that thread? Wow, better get on it and add more! [sub]Then again, I don’t know how many more two-worders I can do… guess I can always try! Not for the supremacy, of course… :D[/sub]

Hold on while I ask my online friend… he says “sadly, nothing :/”
(I guess that would be why he has programming computer games as his backup job :wink: )

It also comes in handy when you’re stalking Geobabe and Persephone.


Just send me a bill. (snort)


OK, you do learn something new every day!

Hey alright.

I showed a mod and an admin something new, I gained an arch-nemesis, and I got Noodles to make a bad duck joke.

I feel content.

So is Noodles a nickname for Arnold or what? From teh context, I think it is, but I can’t really tell.


I took horrible advantage of the search engine during peak usage to find this thread:

Arnold Winkelried is an administrator?! Since when?.

Guess that means I need to post more.