So I'm getting an MRI tomorrow

My dentist wants an MRI to find out what is wrong with my jaw. They said they would get back to me to let me know when they were able to set it up. Tonight at 8pm I get a call from the testing place to confirm my appointment for tomorrow at noon. “I didn’t even know I had one!” I said. Fortunately, it doesn’t conflict with anything so I’m going.

I’ve never had an MRI before, but I’ve watched House. I fully expect to go into cardiac arrest or have a stroke or start hallucinating or something.

Seriously, though, all I’ve heard from people who have had them is “well, it’s loud.”

Anything else I should know? I already know not to wear metal.

I had my first MRI 6 weeks ago. I’m sure it’s loud, but they gave me headphones, so the noise was in no way unpleasant. The 80s crotch rock coming over the headphones, on the other hand, was more unpleasant. Mine was not one of the open MRI machines, and quarters were tight. If you’re claustrophobic, it might be a problem. Otherwise, it’s just boring.

ETA: Oh, one other thing. You shouldn’t move once the procedure gets going. Make sure you’re in a comfortable position to begin with. I put my hands & arms in a somewhat awkward position, and then had to keep them that way for 40 minutes or so, which was a bit annoying.

I had my first MRI back in January. The noises are loud, and mostly reminded me of the opening chords to 1901 by Phoenix, if that helps. They gave me earplugs.

The tube is pretty narrow, but I’m not claustrophobic, so it didn’t bother me. They sort of stuffed me in with all sorts of firm pillows so that I wouldn’t wiggle around too much. With all the pillows, I was actually pretty comfortable.

The technician’s voice came through a speaker inside the tube with me. She told me how long each section would take and when it was finished, so that I could move around a bit. She also told me not to swallow, which, of course, made swallowing suddenly the most important thing on my agenda throughout the entire procedure.

There was an odd little mirror setup that allowed me to see outside the tube, but there wasn’t much going on out there. I could sort of make out the technician’s face through a window.

Overall, it wasn’t horrible. It wasn’t even unpleasant. It was mostly just boring.

I’m mostly echoing what’s been said above, but whatever. It’s loud, but not that loud. Don’t wear any metal, duh. Make sure you are comfortable before the scanning begins, because it lasts a while. I had one on my chest 6 months ago, and I almost fell asleep during it. Where I went, you could choose from 4 different choices of audio. I chose classical IIRC. Honestly it’s not a big deal. Oh, do the open one if you can, as it looks kinda like a Stargate. I like Stargate. OK, I’m rambling now hehe.

I hope your jaw is OK.

I had an MRI and it’s definately not that loud. This was back when the procedure was relatively new and I was wondering a bit when the MRI lady said “Do you have claustrophobia?” I thought Hmmmm. Well when they put me in there I said “Well I didn’t have it.” LOL

No it’s not that bad. They will give you half a valium if you’re really nervous, but really any effect is psychological. Of course that doesn’t help if you hate being closed in. And if you hate drugs, just stay up the night before and you will be able to nap a bit.

They stick you in and the lady asks “Can you hear me?” You say, “Yes” and then she answers. This reassures people that they aren’t gonna be left in there.

The hardest part is when you hear the noise and the person doing the MRI says “Hold completely still, do not move” And that’s only hard because it’s like when somene says “Don’t think of the word ‘elephant’.” Of course you immediately think of it

Good luck and let us know how it went for you so others won’t be scared :slight_smile:

Those of you with the headphones were lucky. I was not that lucky. Really though, I agree that it’s loud but not too loud. My brain was being scanned. So I spent the time pretending my brain was being magnetized by an evil scientist and his underlings.

It did give me a headache.

For a head scan, you may have a cage-like thing around your head - this has something to do with directing or focusing the scan. You won’t be very far into the scanner - probably only up to the shoulders or so.

The operator should tell you at the beginning of each run how long it will last.

If you like industrial or techno music, you’ll love the sounds - depending on the kind of scan, you’ll get a mix of rumbles, thrumming, growls, bonks and similar percussive noises often mixing together into a dreamy syncopation. I find it rather relaxing, actually.

Well I leave in about 10 minutes. I didn’t get enough sleep so I’m tired. That should help me hold still, I’d think. I’m not really nervous so much as I just hate being bored. My husband says this place gives headphones, so that should help.

I hate those things. Not because I’m claustrophobic or anything, but I tend not like getting into machines that they have to operate from a separate room.

No matter how comfortable the room temp seems when you walk in, when/if the offer you a blanket, take it. The magnetic coil in the MRI is supercooled and even though it’s insulated, it gets chilly inside the tube.

They didn’t offer me a blanket but I wish they would have. I was cold the whole time. I also had to open my mouth really wide and bite on a stick so they could get pictures with my mouth open. That hurt like hell (the whole reason I needed the MRI was because of severe jaw pain).

I had my first one this morning, for shoulder pain (probably bursitis or something). Didn’t notice any coldness, but I was just wearing my normal clothes, not a gown or anything. Used earplugs. Had to try to control my breathing so my shoulder wouldn’t move - apparently they had to do one shoulder twice because I was moving (really, I did my best to hold still). Whole thing took about 45 minutes for both sides, it might have been only 30 if they hadn’t had to re-do.

I hope I don’t have to do one again, it is an annoying process. Especially when the tech tells me that I’m breathing too much!