So, is Avril singing about a disappointing day at the massage parlor?

The radio stations are trying to beat this song into our heads these days. The imagery evoked by the lyric “So much for my happy ending” begs the question, do women ever visit massage parlors seeking a little “relief”? Do they get it?

Checking out the lyrics to the song, I would venture a guess that she means more like a fairy tail happy ending.

My, my–what kind of massage parlor is that? :dubious:

Err…I don’t see anything about a maasage parlor in there. Seems to be about a guy breaking up with her.

Or was this just a general interest question :)?

D’oh! :smack: Tale, I meant tale.

As long as she shuts the hell up about every guy in town trying to “get with her” or have her “give it up” to them, I’m happy. Actually, as long as she just shuts up.

Woman thinks she’s got a platinum cervix with gold plated labia…

You know, before this, I had no interest in that part of her anatomy. None. Just never gave it a thought, to be honest.

But now, now I am obsessed. Now I must see it to see if the rumors are true.

If I don’t make it back alive, speak well of me.

Actually, The Controvert isn’t alone. I, too, thought of a massage parlor’s “happy ending” when I heard the title of the song. And I think of it every time I hear the song. I need to get my mind out of the gutter.