So, is "Bill Ayers" supposed to scare me?

I admit, I don’t really watch Fox News, but lately, when I’ve flipped past it and let it linger on the channel for more then a few seconds, or someone at work is watching it, I can be sure to hear two words: “Bill Ayers”.

My question is: Is this some feeble attempt to scare me into voting for McCain? Because it seems like they are pounding this like there’s no tomorrow, and every time it seems to be some lame attempt to make Obama look like his best buddy or show Bill Ayers crazy ideology.

Except it’s still unimpressive because it still doesn’t change the fact that Ayers days in the weathermen were 30+ years ago and he’s since gotten a day job as a college professor, which is where he met obama. It doesn’t change the fact Obama has denounced the weather underground bombings. If fox news had news that Ayers was still making bombs in his basement, I’d probably care, but right now my feelings are somewhere between “Don’t care” and “Don’t give a flying fuck”, with a healthy slice of “Don’t they have anything else to report on? Is it really that slow a news day that they have nothing more current then the weather underground to report on?”

However, I keep wondering if this is really the worst they can throw at obama, because it’s pretty lame. And no, I’m not going to suddenly vote for McCain because you keep saying “Bill Ayers”.

I don’t know if that’s really a pit, but I couldn’t think of anywhere else to put it.

wtf dude are you just recently risen from the dead or something? :dubious:

Fox News knows this election is going to be bad for Republicans so they are keeping their powder dry until the mid-term elections in 2010. They all know this is bs, but they (and McCain) can’t possibly win this election, so they don’t really care.

My friends, I have it on excellent authority that not only is Bill Ayers a terrorist, but a fraud as well. He teaches English, not meteorology! That’s not a weatherman we can believe in! <nervous laugh>

It’s so bizarre if you know anything about Weatherman. Not much of a terrorist organization, in that they didn’t kill anybody. More a bunch of political vandals. But, “Barack Obama associates with Marxist & former vandal Bill Ayers!” just doesn’t have that ring.

Here’s an idea: Ask McCain if he ever met Menachem Begin, & what he thinks of the man: That’s the guy who started modern non-state terrorism, but he went legit later. Oy.

If Bobby Seale endorses obama, I am so voting for him. (Seale, not Obama)

No, it supposed to scare those Republican who might be wavering about voting for McCain. Faux News doesn’t pull in huge numbers of the general public, just the more devout branches of the Republicans, so they can’t be trying to persuade most people who’re going to be voting in this election, all they can do, is try and keep McCain from looking like Walter Mondale in '84.

Yes, that is exactly what it is.

From now until Nov 4 Fox et al will try every possible trick to push this to McCain. The fact that they are losing badly will make their efforts even more desperate.

Your words are spot on: They will try to “scare” you into voting for McCain.

Hell yes, be terrified of the man. Those 1960s radicals never change. (Take me as a prime example.) If he was a radical terrorist back then, he is bound to be one now. His education and his professorship are just clever masks. Just beneath the surface he is seething with plans to bomb everything in sight and he has sought out a friendship with Obama because once Obama becomes president, he can give Ayers access to all the latest technology in advanced explosives, modern technology in bomb construction and fucking rockets to deliver the fucking things. And Obama of course, as a closet Muslim terrorist who attended a fucking madras and who intends to make Islam the official and only religion of the USA while appointing Fox News as the Agency of Fair and Balanced Truth, and who will give very cent we own to the African nations and will laugh with glee while the infrastructure of the USA is destroyed. Obama will, of course, also arm every Black person in America while disarming the Whites in order that the Blacks will have absolute control and may enslave every while who appears in public.
You have to remember that Ayers brainwashed Obama when Obama was only eight years old; Obama probably has a code word or phrase planted in his mind that when it is spoken aloud, sends him into a frenzy of murder. Something like “why don’t you pass the time by playing a game of solitaire?”

As if.

I will never, for the rest of my life, as short as it might be, ever vote for a single Republican for any public office whatever, no matter if that Republican can raise the dead, cure the ill, eliminate famine and all disease and fucking walk on water while performing these miracles. And that is an absolute promise on my immortal soul, if I have one.

And I know for absolutely certain that the foregoing is the absolute God given truth because I have read ever single fucking word of it in Emails that have been sent to me by people of whom I have never heard but whom I am certain would not lie about such serious matters.

And it will all be Ayers fault.

I fucking hate and despise the existing Republican Party and if I could, I could condemn them each and every one to the eternal fires of hell if only I had been instructed to judge not lest I be judged.

Other than that, I wish them well and hope they see the light and repent of their sins.

What if your party did what the UK Labour party has been accused of doing, and just swapped suits with its opponents?

Here is a view of Bill Ayers from someone with no time for Obama or McCain.

I think the good-hearted folks at Fox News are genuinely concerned that President Obama will occasionally sneak out at night and bomb federal buildings to protest the Vietnam war.

Ayers needs to denounce Obama and endorse McCain.

It’s so very simple.

Thought so. It’s about time someone has admitted it.

The best thing I heard this election came from a Red State Update (?) video - it’s two good 'ole boys opining about life and politics. One of the episodes was about why the Ayers scare thing wasn’t working.

“Don’t you care that Obama began his political career in Ayers’ living room?”
“What the hell kind of terrorist has a living room?”

I have absolutely no idea of that the UK Labour party had been accused of doing and frankly don’t give a good goddamn. Anyone who cannot spell the word “labor” ranks very low among those for whom I have the least fucking regard. Besides which, I wasn’t speaking of the Labor Party, I was speaking of the God Damned Republican party which has fucked up the USA to an extent that borders on disbelief. If fact, if I hadn’t observed, I wouldn’t believe it.

Yes. Any more questions?

Hey give our cousins over there across the water a break. They’ve had an enormous surplus of u’s ever since they wrote that Magna Carta thingie. Note: 4 a’s and not a single u. If the good old USA (note the equality amoungst vowels) had written it, it would have been the Magnum KarDuh, as it should have been. Unfortunately the USA had not been invented yet, I think. I really don’t know much about history, bunch of dates, wars, kings and all that.

If Helen Keller had starred in a production of Midsummer Night’s Dream without benefit of rehearsal there’s no way she could have missed as many cues as McCain’s campaign that “Nobody gives a shit about Bill Ayers!” Yes, we get it- what he did was despicable, I probably wouldn’t like him- but Obama’s in politics and I seem to remember a saying that ends “strange bedfellows” that long predates Jim McGreevey. You’ve got Keating, Liddy, a whole grove of Bushes and personal scandals in your past- I don’t care about that either other than as “tu quoque” material. Talk about something that makes a damned bit of difference.

Now if you had evidence Obama blew up some buildings or even that he tried, that’s different. You don’t. Ayers is a Flower Power sell out, a deleted radical character from RENT who traded his militant stock for provocateur attention whore at the Gore Vidal Exchange Office when he got tired of running and inherited a lot of money, big fucking deal.

It makes McCain look like a cranky old fool who won’t stop calling the cops on his neighbor’s dog, even when it’s not the neighbor’s dog that’s barking. And then brings up the neighbor’s dog to the cashier at Lowe’s, and to the waitress at Cracker Barrel, and when he finds out the teacher at his grandson’s 3rd grade play is the sister of a police officer he asks the brother’s name so he can ask for him personally next time he needs to call about his neighbor’s dog. And the dog’s a Chihuahua Pekingese mix, incidentally. And he’s called the cops twice when it turned out the dog was in the kennel 8 miles away and the neighbors were in Hawaii.

Check out HPL’s username and think real hard before you ask that question again. :eek: