So is Mirage a super?

That’s not half-baked, considering Syndrome’s talent and geekiness. What boy geek doesn’t want his own personal sexy robot servant?

Where it gets interesting is when you consider that she had the free will to turn from him and help the Incredibles. I’m leaning toward Syndrome not being capable of that level of sophistication, seeing as it took 10 iterations of his killer ballbot before it sparked enough free will to attack him.

My kids and I love the little cartoon with Mr. Incredible & Frozone, “Mr. Incredible & Pals” - it is hilarious.

Real Frozone: Oh, I get caught. The black superhero gets caught.
‘Real’ Mr. Incredible: Well, a minute ago you were complaining they made you white.
Real Frozone: Oh, that’s right! The TANNED superhero gets caught!

I almost had an aneurysm in Jak-Jak Attack when he burst into flames to the tune of Dies Irae from Mozart’s Requiem.

“The baby was exploding!!!” has become a standard phrase in my circle of friends, denoting a situation where people are ignoring the blatantly obvious.

My name’s not BUDDY! It’s SYNDROME! And I’m your nemesis!

She’s still got nothing on Elastigirl, though.

Hey, Elastigirl’s got junk in the trunk.

I’ve seen the movie too many times, I think. I’ve come to live for that bit at the beginning during their wedding, where she says something that ends with “no matter what happens.” While saying it, she scrunches up her nose in the most adorable way. I watch the movie just for that and for Bob’s “I’m not…I’m not strong enough,” at the end.

[aside]Recently I’ve been seeing a commercial on Hulu for the NASCAR documentary with Danica Patrick talking, and her facial expressions are almost exactly the same as Helen’s, with nose-scrunching and cocky half-smiles. I don’t watch NASCAR, I barely know Danica only because of the controversy surrounding her, but my god, when I saw her talking I crushed hard.[/aside]

ETA: Oh, oh! And Dash’s little giggle when he finds out he can run on water! Those three moments make the movie for me. I can’t bring myself to like Violet, though. :frowning:

See Bosstone, now ya went and made me open another thread! :smiley:

Linky no worky.

Duly noted. :rolleyes::wink:

Ever notice it’s the same giggle that Mr. Incredible makes at the beginning when the evil robot cracks his back?

No! That’s awesome. I did notice, however, there’s an expression I’ve seen on Woody, another Pixar character that that escapes my mind at the moment, and Elastigirl.

It must be a ‘dumbfounded’ macro. It never looked right, and it keeps showing up. Or perhaps it’s the same animator, I dunno.

Indeed I did. :slight_smile: Dash’s has more impact for me, though, because Mr. Incredible’s laugh is just “Ha! Got you now!” But that one little laugh from Dash carries a wealth of astonishment and child-like joy at finding out just what his powers can do. He’s never been allowed to run that fast for that long at home, and he’s just now discovering how super he really is.

…What do you mean I read too much into this movie? cough I’ll stop hijacking now, this thread is about the babes.

It always struck me that Mirage was just hugely evil. Buddy has a whole scarred psyche to push him to e-vil, but Mirage is just working for him, finding all the supers. And then, when she discovers personally that Syndrome is none too worried about her own safety, then she helps the good guys escape.

Elizabeth Pena’s sexy voice or no, Mirage is not a nice lady.

And this is probably my favorite movie.

13-cm according to an off-hand comment in the extras section.

The lines that sold me the movie was in the preview:

“Honey, where is my super-suit?”

“Why do you want to know?” as a flaming helicopter spirals down outside the window.

The Incredibles comic is about to be published.

It’s already published - I spotted it at the comic shop yesterday.