So is Mirage a super?

(from The Incredibles)

She says so ‘in context’ ( ‘[The supers]aren’t gone, we’re still here.’) , but you never seem to see anything. Or is THAT the mirage. :wink:

And I must add the bet animated character EVER created is Edna Mode.

Jus sayin’.

I thought she said “You’re still here.” And I never thought she was a super. It would surprise me, since Syndrome hated all of them and was busy killing all of them.

(Favorite throwaway scene - when Edna pushes Helen’s kleenex into the trash, and there’s a brief glow from an incinerator)

Yes, she says, “The supers aren’t gone, Mr. Incredible, you’re still here.”

What you may be thinking of is where she says, “We have something in common. According to the government, neither of us exist.”

I’m pretty sure she’s a normal, but a very smart and clever normal.

You forgot hot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that’s just a given. :smiley:

Maybe a little thin in real world proportions, but as animated hotties go, she’s a Super in my book.

I was surprised to learn the voice wasn’t Kathleen Turner’s.

What I’ve always wondered about is why she says “According to the government, neither of us exist.” (as Bosstone quotes).

Why? Why shouldn’t she exist? What advantage is there for her to not exist? They never explain this in the film.

The primary (and maybe only) reason is because she’s presenting herself as a representative of a top secret organization. People who know about the supers and have need of their talents when the ordinary world has passed them by. She’s saying, “You and I? We’re special. So special we don’t need to obey those silly public laws. We can use you.”

I dunno if it’s that deep. If she hints she works for a secret government agency, it makes the giant robot project seem halfway legit, whereas if it’s clearly a private operation, Mr. Incredible might get suspicious.

I was just wonderin if there was more to read into it, though. The 3d recording and the “hologrammy” business card. But that’s also what makes pixar great, they don’t explain everything.

Well yeah, that’s mostly what I was getting at in a sort of roundabout way. I also had MiB in my head. “We’re above the law, over it, beyond it.”

I just thought she was letting him know she was a spook.

I would have bet money it was Minnie Driver - very surprised to learn it wasn’t her.

What I want to know is when the hell are they going to do a sequel?

Amen! I remember Brad Bird was quoted in USA Today within a few weeks of the movie’s release saying he was open to a sequel if he could get a kickass script, but I guess so far he hasn’t seen one (plus he dove right into Ratatouille and now the live-action movie 1906).

Just found this Bird quote in the Incredibles article on Wiki: “Basically, I came into a wonderful studio, frightened a lot of people with how many presents I wanted for Christmas, and then got almost everything I asked for.”

Nothing to add to others’ speculation here about Mirage, except to say that she was a very deft and alluring go-between for Buddy in luring Mr. Incredible into danger.

I knew right away that it was Elizabeth Pena. She has a very distinctive (and sexy) voice.

I always thought (with no basis at all) that she was a robot.

A *girl *robot.

She’s got a sexy everything.

Yeah; it’s pretty rare that I see a movie and immediately wish there were a sequel.

The DVD has some fun extras, like information files on the various superhero characters shown or referred to.