So is there a hollywood love story out there?

I mean don’t get me wrong, I really want that … to meet a true love and not get on an airplane, and not take the job and stay wherever she was and find love.

But no one and I mean no one has ever me feel like that was a good idea …

So am I the only one, or are hollywood endings a pipe dream? I think they are.

Well, my sister-in-law married the guy that got her pregnant when she was 15, then ran over her father with the tractor, then joined the army, then beat her a bunch of times until she ran back home to her parents… but I don’t think that’s the kind of Hollywood marriage you’re looking for…

The battle is not always to the strong, nor the race to the swift, but that’s the way to bet it.

Most people meet people they have common connections with, get involved, get serious, get married. Keep your hopes up, and keep your options open.

I have no idea what you’re asking.

Do you mean “does love like that exist?”

Do you mean “has anyone ever turned down a job or a move because of love?”

Or just “are hollywood endings a pipe dream?”

I’d say,
depends exactly what Hollywood ending you mean.

Circumstances are hardly ever that we need to choose leaving everything behind (a la “The Graduate”). Or being able to hang onto your love at the sake of a great cause (a la “Casablanca”).

While I was unemployed, I turned down 2 good job offers in Masschussetts mainly because my wife didn’t want to move there. I’ve never even looked for a job in NYC because I know whe wouldn’t want to move there.

I sort of gave up on graduate school after getting married because I didn’t want to continue with the dedication.