this guy a good singer or not?

What’s going on with this guy? Here’s another one.

I can’t stand the style, but is he technically a good singer?

Well he sings in tune and his tone and phrasing are decent. But it sounds like he’s not really in his natural range. He’s in Barry White or Isaac Hayes territory but he doesn’t have the resonance and depth of sound that make it interesting. And his “Chocolate Rain” song is awfully repetitive. I kept waiting for something different to happen, and it never did.

Personally, I don’t care for his phrasing. It sounds a bit unnatural and calculated to me, like somebody who is trying way to hard to hit everything exactly right at the right time. It doesn’t have that natural, carefree feel great singers have. He’s not horrifically out of tune or anything, but his singing just doesn’t sound particularly musical to my ears. It’s about as soulful as the sequenced backing track.

I agree. It’s not wrong, but there’s nothing musically interesting about it. It sounds stilted.

Reminds me of Zappa.

I think he has some potential, once he gets older and maybe loosens up a little so he doesn’t sound so robotic. I think he could be pretty good with a lot more musical experience. He looks really young.

He’s 25 according to his profile.

Chocolate Rain" - An eternal masterpiece of awful, cheesy music.

Well I guess that blows my theory out of the water.

I don’t feel qualified to comment on his singing abilities, but I did laugh pretty hard through most of “Chocolate Rain.”

Sounded pretty awful to me. (Unless the OP is really the singer, trying to fish for honest compliments, in which case it was really… unique! Shows a lot of potential! Keep working at it!)

Worse, I now have “CHOC-olate RAAAAAAAAIN!” going through my head, even though I only listened to 30 seconds or so. Curse it.

Although I will admit that it’s one of the catchier songs about diarrhea I’ve heard.

Agreed that he’s overenunciating. He may come from a choir background. I remember in junior high chorus and also in church choir having the enunciation emphasized. I think it matters more when a group of singers are singing the same thing. All by your lonesome, it’s too wierd.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


It was a joke right? Seriously, am I an asshole for laughing really, really hard at this?

Okay, I only watched the first one and have a few observations:

-Loved the long shot of the awesome keyboard work

-What was that song about? Really. “dirty secrets of economy”, “flipping cars in France the other day”?

-You know how sometimes you watch something that is hilarious at first, but then it keeps going and isn’t funny anymore…then it goes on for another several minutes and becomes hilarious all over again because of its absurd length. It did that. A few times.

I am so excited to see the other video now!

I hate to admit it (and for all I know I may have the ethnicity wrong) but I couldn’t help but think of this sketch when I saw that video.

Oh god. I watched the other one. He *is * serious, isn’t he? And I laughed all the way through it as well. He had some problems staying in tune, eh?

Oh, and if that was the OP…um…I was laughing about something else.

Um. Good job. :slight_smile:



That was one great joke, 11811…about something…completely unrelated to this.


OK, the original song of Chocolate Rain made me kind of laugh, this this remix of it by DARTH VADAR made me pee my pants laughing. I beg you to watch.

(I found it by googling that term. I thought maybe Chocolate Rain was some phenomenon I just had never heard of and was missing out.)

Good God, no, that’s not me, lol.

That first clip is emerging as the new “Rickroll” over on the Warcraft forums.

Don’t know what a Rickroll is? Here you go. You’ve just been Rickrolled OMGROFLMAOLAWLSWTFPWNED (as they say over in WoWLand)

That’s it. It’s the Sideshow Bob rake scene of YouTube videos.

No, he is not a good singer. Good singers have some idea of thei vocal range and the songs they can sing without sounding like complete dipshits. Since this guy sounds like a complete dipshit (actual singers don’t sound like Sideshow Mel) he is not a good singer.