So is UNATCO actually under construction? :slight_smile:

Didn’t that only happen after terrorists blew off the statue’s head? Their timeline is all messed up…

No. Blowing up the statue had just recently happened. Liberty Island I guess being symbolic as UNATCO headquarters. On the first mission, the terrorists are still occupying the statue.

I’m sure that’s not true–in fact, the torch, which was also blown off in the bombing, is mounted in a little cordoned-off are in the base. I’m almost certain that there are also little news blurbs referring to the bombing as happening some time ago. The current terrorist attack is entirely separate from the bombing.

Game text:

Incidentally, I am pleased that someone else remembers one of my favorite games :).

Right you are.

Probably my favorite game ever. Strange that I got that detail wrong.

One of the best games of all time. Glad it finally got a worthy sequel. Still haven’t picked the most recent one up though.

Mankind Divided wasn’t bad, just a little meh compared to Human Revolution. I liked 'em both, though.

I play through the original every year or two. I almost always do as pure a pacifist run as I can manage. The only person you have to kill is Anna Navarre, though supposedly there is some glitch that can get past her. Everyone else can be knocked out or bypassed.

In fact, I try to go beyond just a pure pacifist run–not just not killing anybody, but not letting anyone come to harm. That means breaking up gunfights (incapacitating both sides and then knocking them all out), and moving bodies to places where I know they won’t be “killed” (like on the supertanker level, I move the bodies above where the waterline would be once sunk).

Have you tried Deus Ex:Revision? Free on Steam if you purchased the original there. Updated graphics and expanded some of the areas.

Laputan Machine

Or maybe…

Flatlander Woman

I never asked for this thread.

His “I AM NOT A MACHINE” response before exploding was kind of sad.