So it seems the claim that the Oscars are snubbing black people is false

Thank you, EyebrowsofDoom for providing us with some fact:

That is 29 nominations
And 9 wins

What a bizarre claim to say that black people are being snubbed by the Academy Awards!

PS: I agree that the roles for black people, African American centered movies may be limited, but take that up with the studios, not, the academy.

I haven’t done the research but merely citing where some black actors at some point have won the award doesn’t mean to say that black actors (or Asians, no one ever gives a shit about Asians) aren’t being snubbed.

That is to say, I’d need a lot more stats.

That there have been some black nominees and winners doesn’t necessarily mean that some deserving black performers and directors are not snubbed due to bias in the Academy. Considering the movies and nominees from the last two years, I think it’s more likely that there is some bias in voting that hurt potential black nominees than that there were no black performers or directors that were as good as the actual nominees.

What more stats do you need???

29 nominations
9 wins

Well, the:

29 nominations
9 wins

would indicate to me that there is no bias

3 nominations
1 win

would indicate bias

It’s just so hard to objectively gauge which actors were snubbed, since the whole process is to large degree subjective. I’d stick with the numbers, and the analysis by the OP, if correct, shows there is pretty close to parity with demographic percentages. At least for blacks. A tad on the low side, but still close.

Hispanics? Not so much…

Yes, it’s very hard to objectively gauge this. It’s possible that, for some reason, these last two years have been anomalously biased, or even just anomalous due to chance. But based on the nominees and movies I’ve seen, I’m not at all convinced that none of the black performers and directors (and I’ll note that I haven’t seen any stats on directing awards) over the last two years were as good as the actual nominees. I think it’s possible that some bias was involved, at least for the last year or two.


look how long it took Socrcesse to get an Oscar. Decades. And you are going to claim that there is bias against black people because of the past - 2 - years?

In the past 15 years:

29 nominations
9 wins

no bias

Got it. Your mind is made up. That you are certain is not convincing to me; I think there is still the possibility that there is some bias at play (and again, I’ll note that no statistics for directing awards was offered).

Why the hell don’t you do it?

Yes, I can be stubborn at times, and biased, and contrary just because I don’t like a topic… but if you search your memory banks (or my posting history) you will find that I am normally - very - intolerant of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.

How many top level black directors are there?

Spike Lee* - Serious movies
Antoine Fuqua - Not very serious movies, action movies usually

  • 2 nominations

Are studios bias towards black directors? Maybe

It’s Asians and to a lesser degree, Hispanics, who are grossly underrepresented in terms of on-camera roles and awards. Black Americans get slightly more roles than their percentage of the population, and slightly fewer awards.

John Singleton isn’t worried.

Disproportional representation between different groups is the rule, rather than the exception for extremely competitive opportunities. Just because Jews are underrepresented in NASCAR, that doesn’t automatically mean that NASCAR discriminates against Jews.

yes, that is true

bit again… is it the fault of the Oscars or the fault of the studios?

That you “think” there might be a “possiblity” is probably not convincing many people the other way either.

I agree this is mostly an issue with the studios not creating good parts for black actors, rather than the Academy itself being racist (though that certainly adds to the problem – a majority old, white academy isn’t optimal).

But you can’t just point at the last 15 years and say “what problem?”. Two years in a row, there are zero black actors nominated. That’s a problem. That’s a new problem.

Sort of like you can’t look at climate data from 1 AD to 1900 AD and say “no problem here”. The problem is only visible when you look at recent data. The world is dynamic. Things change. If it is something important changes (and while climate is definitely important, an argument could be made that big-budget films and their yearly pat-on-the-back party isn’t), you have to be vigilant. You can’t just stick your fingers in your ears and say “it’s just a statistical blip!”. It may be. But simply pointing at historical data isn’t going to help you make that argument.

what specific people were snubbed?

Ok, then prove it.

You think it is likely, however, what you think has no bearing on what is really happening.

For the record, I have no idea if there is an actual issue.

There are roughly 500 movies released to theaters a year (Cite, but the numbers are a bit old)

African Americans are ~13% of the population. Assuming a 1 to 1 ratio of movie actors race to population, then there should be roughly 50 black stars in movies each year and 450 white (ignoring other populations).

There are 20 open nominations for the acting awards (according to Spike Lee, I didn’t double check*) . So, assuming that there is no real difference in quality based on race, we should expect ~2 nominees a year to be black across all acting nominations.

Lets assume that only the best movies and performances are nominated (BWHAHAHA!). There are 5 Best Oscar nominee positions open. If the top 1% of lead actors get nominated that means there would be 4.5 from the 450 ‘white’ movies and .5 from the ‘black’ movies.

Given the numbers listed in the OP, it seems that for about half the years blacks are over represented.



Because I’m only slightly interested, and I’m waiting for someone else to do it. :slight_smile:

Maybe that’s part of my secret plan.

The problem with the conclusion you are drawing are as follows:

  1. Your stat is for 15 years, during which Blacks had a better than average run, making it misleading.
  2. Your stat doesn’t include other categories.
  3. Your stat isn’t comparing the percentage of actors who are Black to the percentage that have been awarded.

As such, it’s basically impossible to draw the conclusion you have just based on that. Even if you were right, you don’t have sufficient statistical justification.

or maybe there is no actualyl bias on the part of the Academy towards African Americans