So it's Ramadan and we're still bombing. Did we lose face anywhere?

So it’s Ramadan and we’re still bombing. Did we lose face anywhere?

Remember how it was so important to stop a week ago that the head of Pakistan came out here.

But now that we’re winning it’s ok, isn’t it?

I guess God sides with winners.

I wouldn’t expect anyone to stop bombing us on Christmas.

I’ve noticed that the various Islamic factions haven’t stopped shooting at each other during the period. Wasn’t the Yom Kippur War started during Ramadan (and not started by the Israelis)?

Great, now this is running through my head:
“So this is Ramadan, and what have you done?
Another air stike over,
a new one just begun.”

It’s just me, right?

Well, think of it this way…now that they’re free of Taliban oppression, Afghan’s can now worship in peace without the threat of force.

I think the TET offensive pretty much secured the axiom that all is fair in love and war.

If we stop bombing, they’ll spend the time rebuilding and reenforcing. Remember these are the same fundamentalists who were getting drunk at strip joints on September 8th.

…and (according to a dancer friend) getting lap dances on September 10th.