So Jason Alexander has hair now...

Went to the movies today and one of the little things they show before the movie featured Jason Alexander and, believe it or not, he had a full head of hair.

Can a guy who is famous for playing a famously bald character really think he can get away with that?

Not if Elaine throws his wig out the window.

Maybe he wants to branch out from the “bald guy” persona, which I think is more of a TV thing than a movie thing.

He’s not trying to get away with anything, he’s apparently playing the role of a character who isn’t bald. We’d probably be surprised at the number of hair-enhancements that are riding on top of actors’ heads.

I don’t see how a bald actor playing a non-bald character is any different than a human playing an alien with prosthetics. Sure you know that’s not what he really looks like, big fucking deal, that’s how the character looks, use your imagination, suspend your disbelief, etc.

Ted Danson was bald for years before Cheers ended. TED DANSON, JERRY!

I was shocked to learn that Sam Malone made use of a hair replacement system on the last episode of Cheers.

Let me clarify, he wasn’t in a trailer for a movie and he wasn’t playing a character. He was interviewing someone as himself in one of the premovie things that aren’t trailers that they show in theaters.

Anyways I was just having a little fun at his expense. I don’t begrudge anyone. It just seemed silly, everyone knows he’s bald.

I think he knows everyone knows he’s bald, so he either has hair for a role or he’s wearing a hairpiece as a sort of man-makeup for his scalp. When you really think about it, a hat is only a toupee made of cloth.

Are you sure it wasn’t Donny Clay?

Good golly, that Donny Clay dude even sounds like Alexander.

But nope, he got hair.

It sounds like he did it for personal reasons. Good for him. If women in Hollywood can change their boob sizes on demand, why can’t men change their hair?

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All I can say is that that’s one of the best-looking hairpieces I’ve ever seen. Suits him well, although he looks far more like a 90s-era standup comic now.

Most actresses wear wigs on TV, so their characters can look consistent from week to week. Many actors do the same, and it’s not really their decision.

Jason Alexander even said in an interview that baldness actually helped his career. He can play parts where no hair is appropriate, and “if I need to play somebody with hair, I just throw on a rug.”