So long and thanks for all the fish: first dolphin species goes extinct

Thanks to industrialization, the Yangtze River white dolphin (baiji) is most likely extinct.

Let’s have a golf clap for the human species, everybody.

Fuck. How depressing.

“China’s rapid industrialisation has likely made extinct a species of fresh water dolphin that had been on Earth for over 20 million years, Chinese and British biologists said Wednesday.”

I hate to tell you, but you’ve been scooped.

This has more to do with China than us as a species. I guess you didn’t want to be thought of as racist so you broadened your net. What the hell did I have to do with the extinction of some species that lived exclusively in China?

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I’m a horrible person because, though I am saddened by the loss of such a weird looking mammal, this particular line in the thread about the extinction of a marine mammal made me snerk.

Well, have you bought a pack of tube socks for $1.99 lately?

Never shopped at Wal*Mart, then?

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Actually no, I can’t remember the last time I went in to a wallmart. Admittedly I know I buy products that were made in China, if I could avoid chinese products I would even if it meant paying more, but how the hell does this make me responsible for Chinese fucking the environment? Oh I get it my not buying Chinese products is going to make China change its ways…don’t hold your breath. Those fuckers have poisoned our pets, our kids with lead paint, us with shitty medicine and I am supposed to feel guilty for those bastards wiping out a dolphin? What have you done lately to put a stop to the gross business practices of China?

The tendency to harm the environment and render other species extinct isn’t exclusive to China. This is just the cherry on top of an epic whipped-cream banana fudge sundae of fail on the part of Homo sapiens.

I agree with that but many many people, me included, are trying to improve the human relationship with the environment. I don’t see why the actions of one NOTORIOUSLY bad government is an indictment of the entire human species.

I don’t understand why this is in the news today. As has been pointed out, this was in the news before. Is today Groundhog Day* or something?

*assuming there are any groundhogs left


We’re working on that one.

Oh fuck you for making me click on a scylla thread…those deserve warnings just like PDFs.

Fair enough. :slight_smile:

Golf clap for China’s government, everyone, now…

Also, the subsequent debate.

Well, your country has done at least one (carrier pigeon) and mine too (dodo). We’re a bad species generally; currently the Chinese government aren’t working well towards preserving other species (apart from the giant panda), but in the broad sweep of things, you and I are both part of homo sapiens, which errs too much towards the homo, without enough of the sapiens. I’m sure you’ve read Last Chance to See. It’s not just the Chinese.

I’m not sure what all the hand wringing is about. If it had a chance, that dolphin would eat your entire family.

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