So Long and Thanks for all the Sunflower Seeds

This is my last day with posting privileges on the SDMB. Have fun fighting ignorance, everyone.

See ya 'round.

Good luck.

You’re the one that took my sunflower seeds? :frowning:

Via con Dios

When come back, bring pie.

vaya con dios, my friend. :frowning:

Vaya con juevos.

Via airmail!

Miss you already, cricetus hugs

Bye, cricetus… if that IS your real name!!

See ya later.

… Google ads?! Wonders never cease…

Chirrip, chirrip, chirrip.

{sound of cricetus chirping}

Farewell ol’ cricetus…we’ll always have Paris Hilton.

On the bright side, I hear lurkers get to be naked under their trench coats.

As a soon to be paid member (I think)…why???

Hmm… they haven’t come by with the backhoe yet to dig me out. :wink:

Kytheria, since I don’t think we’ve ever engaged in the same discussion, either you’re the sweetest person on the SDMB or the dryest wit. Either way, It’s my loss.

Oh, what the heck.

Check back on your account in a few minutes.

Er… that would be, check your email inbox…