So many people still don't believe in wearing seatbelts!

I was surprised to see inthis thread that there are still so many people who don’t believe in wearing seat belts. It’s been the law in Canada to wear seat belts in front and back seats for so long that I barely remember a time before the law, but apparently the debate is still raging on down South. The debate about enforcing seat belt laws also seems to be raging still.

It’s very interesting to me to see how many people balk at wearing seat belts which have been proven to be an effective safety device, but they don’t seem to have any problems with air bags which are a questionable safety device at best, and an actual danger to kids and small adults at worst.

So, in the interest of fighting ignorance, how about we have a go round on seat belts? We can all trot out our arguments for and against, and may the best arguments win!

Do you want opinions on whether we should wear seatbelts, or whether we should have to wear seatbelts?

Well, it seems to me that in any situation, there will be cases in which someone lives because of not following a safety procedure. This does not, however, mean that a person is generally going to be better off without it.

Seatbelts do save lives and prevent injury, the fact that some people have been fortunately thrown from vehicles when they otherwise would have burned to death nonwithstanding.

And mhendo asks a good question, which I wasn’t really addressing in my post, and I think is certainly much more open for debate than whether or not seatbelts are useful.

Both - I think both points are germane to a discussion on seatbelt wearing.

I think people should we seat belts.

I do not wear my seat belt.

I do not think the government should mandate the wearing of seat belts.

I agree, except I do wear my seatbelt. Seatbelt laws are silly. Getting a ticket for not wearing your seatbelt is sillier.

Well, smoking has been proven to kill people and there are still people lining up to pay $5 a pack. I guess what I’m saying is that people in general don’t always do what they know they should do even if it is for their own safety. I used to be bad about wearing my seatbelt, but a couple of tickets for not wearing my seatbelt has pretty much forced me to change my attitude and protect myself.

If you think people should, why don’t you?

Do think the governmment should mandate it for children/minors?

Do you think the goverment should mandate it cause it is the government (police, EMS, fire dept) that has to wipe you up off the road and rush you to a hospital in their helocopter cause you didn’t put on a seatbelt?

Many people feel the same way about helmet laws for motorcycle riders as vetbridge feels about seatbelts. Oddly enough, I have almost always worn a helmet when on a bike, even when I was reluctant to wear a seatbelt.

the reason government wants you to wear a seatbelt is simple economics.

basically they are tired of paying to keep someone to stupid to wear a helmet/seatbelt alive after they wind up in a serious accident that leaves them permanently disabled.

I think you should have an option on your license that lets you choose not to wear a helmet/seatbelt and if you opt for that choice you recieve no healthcare for any injuries beyond what would be expected in a similar crash for those wearing protecive gear.

I dunno. Never have, although if there are icy roads/fog/snow I will sometimes put it on. I drive a ton of miles each year, mostly rural/suburban roads. Honestly, I dunno why I do not, although I cherish the fact that I am able to choose.

Yes. I think minors need to be protected from irresponsible guardians.

Nope. Do you think the government should mandate maximum weights for individuals to help EMS etc in a situation where they have to transport you? Should the government mandate maximum fat intake since it is the government (police, EMS, fire dept) that has to haul away the heart attack victims? Should the government mandate…

Why not?

What if I as a non-wearer am able to afford whatever health care is needed? Otherwise I can see your point.

Sorry 'bout that- left the tab in which I was responding to this thread open while someone else asked the same question, and vetbridge answered it. :smack:

Probably the same reason I do not always eat the healthiest choice food item, the same reason I sometimes use alcohol or recreational drugs, the same reason I sometimes drive over the speed limit. IOW…I dunno.:wink:

And on preview, apology accepted Anne :smiley:

While I usually want the government to stay the hell out of my business, in this instance I’m afraid I support ticketing people. I don’t like the idea of my taxes and insurance premiums jacked to pay for the closed head injury somebody got for being a dolt.

Put an ironclad contract out there saying the person is solely responsible for any injuries received as a result of not wearing a seatbelt, and I’ll change my position.

Coming next to a nanny state near you – State fines and punishment for:[ul][li]Smoking in your autombile (Oops, that one’s been proposed already)[/li][li]Eating Twinkies & Munching on Doritos (Or just enact taxes high-fat / carb-laden foods)[/li][li]Playing music at levels that could possibly damage your hearing[/li][li]Drinking spirits, wine or beer in excessive or dangerous levels[/li][li]Over-exercising at the gym (With weight limits and RPM caps on the treadmills)[/li][li]Extreme sports (Parachuting, mountain-climbing, skateboarding & bungee jumping)[/li]Driving a convertible sports car (Where flipping over equals death)[/ul]

Not only that, there are benefits to saving the lives of taxpayers. :wink:

I wear mine because my chances of surviving and not getting seriously injured are pretty good, considering the alternative. I guess in this case, I choose life.

I truly don’t understand those that don’t wear them. I understand the rebellion against the law, but this should have been self-evident in the first place. If the public had started wearing them the day they were introduced, you wouldn’t have Johnny Law breathing down your neck about this.

My BIL doesn’t wear a seatbelt. Apparently, and I don’t want to start a flamewar, but I am paraphrasing , " Jesus Christ will protect him."
Jesus is not only a co-pilot but a side airbag protective device.

I wear mine cause I feel nekkid if I don’t.