So Much for Pot NOT Causing Cancer!

Looks like it raises your risk of testicular cancer.

Ouch! :eek:

So it’s still safe for women, right?

I don’t think you read far enough, Tucker.

They said that frequent marijuana use may lead to more incidents of testicular cancer.

I think I might know some people they could pay to smoke pot and submit to cancer screening. If they were doing more research and all.

I’ve partook that much pot, you could probably smoke my testicles!*

  • When I’ve finished with 'em. I live in hope!

Come on, Zoe, we’re talking about scientists and cancer! You know how it works, six months from now a study will come out contradicting this study, and then six months after that, another study will come out which conclusively proves that smoking even one joint will cause your penis to fall off! :eek: :wink:

Oh, balls!:smiley:

Does anything not cause cancer anymore?

I was taught in school 20 years ago that marijuana has 10 times as many carcinogens as tobacco, and I think it’s pretty common knowledge that it has a lot more tar. Pot being “safe” is a stoner myth.

George Carlin once said that “Doctors announced that saliva causes stomach cancer… however only when swallowed in small amounts over a long period of time”

Well, leaving aside the fact that casual tobacco smokers rarely stay ‘casual’, there’s also the fact that THC is a fairly effective expectorant. Not all of that tar stays in your lungs very long before it gets coughed out; nicotine has no such helpful properties.

It’s weird, voodoo logic like this that makes the legalize it movement such a joke.

It’s weird, I was thinking that citing your school experience 20 years ago makes the prohibition movement such a joke.