So my car was possessed last night...

I was downstairs watching a movie with my friend when we hear a car horn/alarm sounding. It’s distant and soft, so we think it’s a part of the movie. For about a minute we say “okay, that’s the background of the movie.” Then the scene changes and the car horn’s still going.

Suddenly I hear my dad upstairs running quickly across the floor in the direction of the garage.

I pause the movie and rush upstairs: the car horn gets louder. I follow my dad into the garage…

…it’s my car horn, still going.

I cover my ears while my dad gets inside the car and starts pressing the horn on the steering wheel. Nothing happens! I get the keys and throw them to my dad, who turns on the car. He hits the windshield wipers, the turn signal, the lights, but the blasted thing keeps going!

it cuts off for apparently no reason whatsoever.

We opened the car hood: nothing. No frayed cables, no musk rat blown to shit by chewing on an exposed wire. The car was in the garage and the garage door was closed. The only other door into the garage is barricaded by GarageJunk™, so it wasn’t a burglar trying to steal my car (and if it was, you’d think they would have went after my friend’s car in the driveway). Hell, it’s a 1994 Buick Regal, it doesn’t even HAVE a car alarm.

My professional opinion: my car was possessed.

Does anybody have the Ghostbusters’ phone number?

It’s better it was possessed than repossessed.

You need to call Click & Clack this weekend. I’ll be listening.

I knew it was a Buick before you said, because it’s just another stupid honkie. Install some curb feelers and spinning hubs, and it will have some soul.

I was coming in here to say exactly that! :mad: :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t - I was going to say, if it happens again, will it be re-possessed?

Little Bastard rides again!?!

1-800-who Ya Gonna Call?