So my wife is trying to persuade me to move to New Zealand

I know that it’s a loaded term, but that’s a really strange perception of political correctness.

That’s a very small, very particular subset of White South Africans you’re talking about. By far not the majority.

Most White South African racists aren’t politically correct at all.

It is totally true. Most of them require you to undergo a deep process like naturalization, testing your language, checking how many years you’ve spent in the country and so on.

Ok, I have a theory here.

You stayed in upmarket tourist hotels, went on guided tours, visited touristy places, and did American touristy things.

What you didn’t realise is that all of this is specially customised for American tourists. This is not the authentic country you’re seeing. It’s a tailored version for American tourists. So you’ve wrongly concluded that all these places are like America, with some local colour added.

Believe me, if you wandered off by yourself away from the tourist trails and guided tours, if you went to places the locals go, and did the things the locals do, you’d see something totally different.


It’s South Africa’s problem that you chose not to deal with Black people?

Why do I get the impression that you walked around in an Hawaiian shirt, a baseball cap, and dark glasses, with a big camera slung around your neck, and a patronising attitude? :rofl:

Is it because you are not reading his actual posts, but trying to get in another shot at an American poster? Because that’s the impression I have of you. :rofl: :rofl:

If you had read his posts you could have learned for yourself that he lived and worked in most of those countries, along with others.

He didn’t say that, actually. He said he’d lived in New Zealand for 3 weeks, and ‘lived all over the world’ without specifying countries, and without saying he’d worked there.

I’ll leave it to him to reply for himself, but it’s clear to me (and I think to @MrDibble) that he doesn’t know much about South Africa, and is drawing sweeping and incorrect conclusions.


If one came to South Africa and mostly dealt with White people, that’s very much on oneself. It’s not like all the Black and other non-White people are segregated still. If it was South Africans steering one away from interacting, that still wouldn’t be “South Africa’s problem”, because one would have to be interacting with a very particular group of South Africans, and that doesn’t happen accidentally.

And I have literally no idea how the fuck one could manage that (unless one came before the late 80s, in which case one’s opinion on what South Africa is like is worse than useless).

Even if one just came through an airport, picked up a hire car and drove straight to Orania and remained there, one’d still interact with way more non-White people than White ones. It’s literally impossible not to, unless one practices deliberate avoidance. South Africa is an overwhelmingly Black-majority country, nothing like the other ex-British colonies mentioned - Maoris, Aborigines, First Nations don’t have anywhere like the demographic presence that our Blacks do. That is unavoidable. Unless one has a very curated experience, that is.

The only way I can think of that we’re like (most of) America vs the UK is that our public transport infrastructure is shit, and so most middle-class urban people drive everywhere. It always amused me how many of my White friends had never ridden in a public bus or caught a train until they went to Europe on holiday. But that’s a very specific point of comparison.