So now that Netflix is global............

I am realizing that it is actually really lousy.

WTF, No Breaking Bad? My ISP’s VOD is better then this, and cheaper. Much.

Welcome to the idiotic world of video streaming.

I’m sure Netflix would offer Breaking Bad again if they could, but my guess is the people who own the rights to Breaking Bad wouldn’t agree to a deal.

It amazes me how much content there is that’s not available anywhere digitally, not even expensive purchase. I think it was Bowfinger (from 2000) that I had an urge to watch, but couldn’t find anywhere.

It’s not the provider’s fault, rather the people who own the rights to the content.

This is why I have no plans to subscribe to an on-demand service. DVDs are still the better option, as once you have it, it’s yours to keep.

Huh? I have Netflix, and Breaking Bad is available streaming and through DVD. I even went back and double checked. It’s still there.

Me too; it actually auto-completed the words “Breaking Bad” before I could finish typing 'em just now, and one click later started playing with no trouble at all.

Sure, if money is no object, but full runs of TV shows are ludicrously expensive. Movies at least go on discount after a while, but most any decent and long-lived television show is going to run at least a hundred bucks for all the seasons.

I still enjoy buying DVDs when I see good deals, but streaming is still a very affordable option even if the selection isn’t infinite.

Netflix is one of those services where the enjoyment is based on your expectations. If you hope to have all of the movies ever made, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. But there s a lot of stuff up there. The various Web sites that catalog what’s available are also helpful.

But they are expensive, inconvenient and take up a lot of storage space. Some movies and TV shows I want physical copies, but most I am very happy to just be able to access on multiple devices and watch whichever episode I want with a few clicks instead of shuffling through multiple discs and being stuck with watching on a TV with a DVD player attached.

Don’t agree that it’s lousy at all. It has a lot of content that I like.

I use to agree, and have accumulated hundreds (thousands?) of DVDs, new and used, over the years. One day I realized I’ve only watched most only once, plus it would take forever to find a specific disc.

I stream now, even if I know the disc is somewhere in the house.

Netflix offerings differ from country to country. There are ways around this, but they violate Netflix’s terms of service.

Yeah, last weekend I wanted to watch 1986’s The Manhattan Project and was surprised when I couldn’t find a digital version on Netflix, Amazon, or iTunes.

I have it on DVD, but over a year ago I disconnected my Blu-ray player as an experiment and so far I have not been compelled to reconnect it. I’ll admit that my experience with The Manhattan Project got me thinking, but there’s only been one movie in all this time that I really wanted to watch but couldn’t find digitally anywhere…I can live with it.

If you don’t think that the service Netflix provides is worth it to you, either don’t subscribe, or cancel your subscription.

It’s just that easy!

As pointed out, the original programming is what elevates Netflix now. It’s sort of like HBO now (whose movie offerings are decent but not great), with shows like “Orange is the New Black” and “Master of None”, “Daredevil”, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, “Jessica Jones”, “Sense 8”, “House of Cards”, “BoJack Horseman”, etc. One can make the argument that Netflix’s original content offerings surpass HBO’s.

I would like to remind you that Netflix is NOT global. Some of us need to… uh, never mind. Hello from China! I would be thrilled to have your lousy service (sans louse).

That’s true, and it probably has to be that way, but it is coming at the expense of deep catalog which is what attracted me to Netflix originally.

My queue is down to 7 titles and I have 45 in the list which they will let me add but don’t actually carry.