So now they know what causes schizophrenia!

New study as to the causes of schizophrenia identifies specific gene location and synapse pruning activity.

Maybe they know… :wink:

The site in Chromosome 6 harboring the gene C4 towers far above other risk-associated areas on schizophrenia’s genomic “skyline,” marking its strongest known genetic influence. The new study is the first to explain how specific gene versions work biologically to confer schizophrenia risk. Psychiatric Genomics Consortium
Versions of a gene linked to schizophrenia may trigger runaway pruning of the teenage brain’s still-maturing communications infrastructure, NIH-funded researchers have discovered. People with the illness show fewer such connections between neurons, or synapses. The gene switched on more in people with the suspect versions, who faced a higher risk of developing the disorder, characterized by hallucinations, delusions and impaired thinking and emotions.


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This is more of a tiny step forward than a breakthrough. They still don’t know what causes schizophrenia:

Neat. I know the overpruning theory was considered a major factor but I didn’t know there was a particular gene behind it.

I knew the geneticists were out to get me!

The voices tell me that’s paranoia, not schizophrenia.