So OK when does it become fraud

A simple matter.
My daughter came home and wanted to order a couple of bracelets from (name temporarily withheld) charity foundation.
I don’t know where she heard about the place but she wanted the bracelets because she and her friends were going to wear them when they played softball.
We tried to order them with a credit card but they only accepted diners club.
So after a couple of phone calls we sent a money order.
That was apr 28.
It was cashed june 1.Note: It is now july 1.
After several e mails and a couple of telephone calls we were told that they tried to send them 3 times.Someone must be taking them.
Well we figure thats a lie because the post office doesn’t work that fast.
Last monday I phoned the west coast woman in charge to ask about what was happening.
She even asked if I was mrs wannano’s husband.
Yep That’d be me.
She said she would again send them overnight but would I please call their east coast office.
I did so.
I was told by THE lady in charge that she would send the bracelets UPS whats the address and what was my email address so she could send me the ups tracking number.
So here it is thursday.
No bracelets from the overnight promise.
No Ups tracking number.
No Ups shipment recieved.
Hell its only $16.00 but it really pisses me off.

BTW we heard that the folks at the emmys all got bracelets.

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samclem GQ moderator

Perhaps a letter to the Better Business Bureau in the town the bracelets were ordered from is in order. I’m pretty sure you can find the BBB on line. You may be able to file your complaint on line. It’s not legal action, but a lot of places seem to take notice when informed by the BBB there’s been a complaint against em. It’s just something that’s worked for me in the past.

What the hell? Diner’s Club?

That’s just bizarre.

My advice is to call back again and be really firm. Not nasty, just firm and let them know how put out you are. You might say something like “My daughter was very excited about having these bracelets and I really wanted to contribute to your charity. This, however, is the umpteenth time I’ve contacted you about this and I’ve still to receive them. I’d like you to please work with me so that I can either have my money back or my merchandise. I realise it’s not a large sum, but this experience has really disappointed me; and, if I can’t get the bracelets from you, I’d like the money back to order my daughter something else. How can we work this out today?”

If you still don’t get anything, I’d write off the $16 and spread the word. Let them know you’ll be doing so.

Also, if these fucks don’t fix it and you still want to order your daughter some charity bracelets, check out Musicians design their bracelets for various organizations and charities and you do get them QUICKLY. I ordered two of the Ozzy ones and got them within two weeks, and they’re only $6.00 (2.99 pounds) each. It’s a cool organization and very legit.

Make that

Just a thought here; you mentioned that you sent a money order. If, as I suspect, you used the US Post Office, you might be able to accuse the company of mail fraud. I’d stop by your local office and talk to the Postmaster, but from my experience I can say that they take this sort of thing very seriously. Anyway, the threat alone might be enough to motivate them.

[aside] Sometimes you might receive a telephone call at home, solicting for a charity that you’ve never heard about. They tell you that they’ll send a “courier” to pick up your check. I always ask them to send me literature for the reason above, and they always tell me that it isn’t their policy. The conversation ends there. [/aside]