So once again I'm gobsmacked by precocious kid talent. 11-year-old girl covers Adele and nails it.

So there’s this little girl named Meredith Grace Puckett from Paris, Tx, and damn, this kid has some pipes. Here she is covering Adele’s Set Fire To The Rain virtually a cappella.

And here she is in her kitchen covering Rolling In The Deep (complete with annoying kid sister).

The latter video was recorded two years ago, and on the strength of it Meredith now has a producer in Nashville and a manager and an EP or possibly album in the works. I hope she makes it big and I expect she will. I’m just really hoping she doesn’t go the Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber route. I remember when the Biebs was just a cute innocent kid too.

Quite nice, thanks for the introduction.

They would and she will one day stop being one any longer no matter what, y’know.

(Or just keep Disney away from her, that shop seems a common denom in teen-pop degeneracy since the 90s.)

Have you ever listened to Connie Talbot’s videos? She appeared on Britain’s Got Talent when she was six, and she was second overall for that season of the show. Her interpretation of the song was as good as you could ever possibly hope for from a six-year-old. She continues to improve, and she’s now seventeen. She’s put out several albums over that time. She still lives with her parents. It sounds like she is doing well, and perhaps the fact that she lives just a normal life for a seventeen-year-old is what’s kept her from burn-out.

You’re most welcome. And re Disney, yeah, it does. Curious, that.

I think Cyrus and Beiber probably didn’t have much in the way of a stable home life or very strong parents either. Hopefully growing up in flyover country with a stable home life as it appears she has will keep her grounded.

Nope, never have, but on the strength of your post I’m off to check her out now. Thanks.

She’ll be old enough to do The Voice in a couple more years.

I think 14 and up are eligible.

Wow, here’s Meredith a year or so older and in the studio. She made quite a metamorphosis in just a little over a year, all made up and looking more mature and with considerably improved control over her voice. I’m gobsmacked all over again.