So. Sec. Disability vs. Child Support Question.

Ok, today I finally (after three years of trying) got my decision from Social Security Disability. It’s 100% fully favorable. I am now declared completely disabled from the Federal Government and will be getting a lump sum soon.

Now, I’ve been paying $525.00 per month in child support for 6 years now and I’ve heard through the grapevine that people who receive so sec. disability are exempt from child support payments.

  1. How true is this?
  2. If it’s not true, is there a percentage I’m obligated to pay?
  3. What are the overall laws regarding this, I’m in Maryland.

I love my son and he will be taken care of his entire life, I’m just curious to what’s gonna happen legally with this now that I’m disabled.

This is a pretty good discussion:

This one is ok, but it mostly talks about New York law:

The basic answer:

Maryland child support guidelines:

*Id. * (Emphasis added.)