So, Senior members appear who I have no recollection of

I have been around for a fair time and lurked for a few years before then.

Some members post frequently and others less so, but I thought I may have seen most.

And every now and then a surprise will turn up.

I had never heard of SoulFrost before this thread.

Yet he/ she has been here before me.

I wonder where Spiny Norma got to?

Before you came to the Board, SoulFrost made about 300 posts. He/she has only posted 939 times in ten years. So, that means SF has made about 600+ posts since you came on board. That works out to about 1.4 posts/week since you’ve been here. I doubt you’d remember someone who posts only once/week.

Spiny Norman. He posted a month ago.

No, there was a Spiny or Spiney Norma. She made her first post after about 9 years.

As befitting her lurky nature, Spiny Norma hasn’t posted since February. Her last visit was in late September. Here’s her profile.

For those who didn’t hear about this, here’s the post where Spiny Norma delurked… after nine years.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen **SoulFrost **around. I don’t know where, but the name is familiar.

Mleh… I took a couple of years off.

Glad to meet you, Cicero.


Don’t give up on us, David.

We’re still worth one more try
I know we put our last one by
Just for a rainy evening
When maybe stars are few
Don’t give up on us, I know we can still come through


I never knew the words before. :smack: