So, tell me what you know about Belize....

I had an interesting offer this weekend. I won’t go into to many details yet, but I have been offered a job in Belize managing a brand new hotel/condo complex. The area is “Placentia” (sp?).

Needless to say, I don’t have any condo management experience, but I do have managment experience…there are other reasons than that as to why they wan’t me, but for now I will just say they now me as a trustworthy, capable person. :slight_smile: It would start in more than likely around 2 years time. I don’t know much about Belize and I would appreciate info from other dopers if you know anything about the area…like culture, crime, stability, etc.

The wife and I obiously have to talk about this as it is not a decision to make overnight, but I would like to get educated as much as I can on the subject short of going down there.


Don’t know much, except…

-It’s in Central America.

-It used to be called British Honduras.

-Its capital is Belmopan. (okay, I needed a globe for that)

-It was where Temptation Island was filmed.

Sorry, that’s pretty much all I know.

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Cuidados!! Los lliamos!!

Ummm, please excuse all the spelling and gramatical errors in my original post. I will blame it on my beverages I have been having the evening :slight_smile:

What little I know:

I have a friend who has been down there on a diving trip.
I guess it’s quite well known as a very desirable destination amongst divers.

IIRC, he said the national language is English.


Check out the following links:

CIA World Factbook - Belize


You Better Belize It - Maps of Belize

Belizean Websites.

These should get you started…

I know that my boss buggers off there 'bout once a year to participate in anthropological field work. :cool:

I was just 20 kilometers away from Belize last year, when we passed through Chetumal (Mexico). Unfortunately, our rental cocho wasn’t allowed to leave the country.

I know Belize is an old Pirates Nest. All the cool Caribean sea robbers used to hang out there, and supposedly, it still has a bit of that atmosphere left. Also, a lot of well-off retired English people live there, since it’s a former Crown colony. I think English and Spanish are the official languages, but I might be wrong.

Belize is one of those places that has a little magic to it (to me, at least). I’d put it in the same category as other small and slightly mysterious countries like Macau, Tuvalu, Trinidad & Tobago, and the Dominican Republic.

But maybe I’m weird. :wink:

A friend went on Honeymoon there about 4 years ago. All I recall now is that the country is a mixture of developed areas (for the tourist industry) and the fairly primitive. Some anti-American sentiment and a lot of anti-American graffiti, etc. as many locals aren’t happy about ‘exploitative investments’ (heaven forbid!) but it didn’t (then) appear to manifest itself in anything more serious. I’d check the Government official recommendations re travelling there - I’d also take what they say with a large pinch of salt.

Beautiful, a lot of jungle, poor, still fairly influenced by the UK and if things do go pear shaped (unlikely) I believe the Royal Marines, etc. still use Belize for training so some help will be at hand.

I’d go in a second.

Thanks for the links. I have already checked out a couple of them. I am more interested though in what fellow dopers “know” about the area, of know through freinds/family that have been there.

If anyone has anything else to add, please keep it coming!

Things I learned friends that went there.

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  2. Be careful where you step when wading.

  3. Hi OpalCat!

I want to retire there. Also its cheaper to fly into mexico and take one of the scary buses ot Belize than it is to fly direct.

Anything particular you want to know? My brother just got back from there a month ago.

Right now it is over-run by demons. At least it was earlier this season, and Riley hasn’t come back yet.

I am mostly curious as to things like crime, stability. I know they have a border dispute with Guatamala. Is it a serious one? How about crime? Do you have to watch your back all the time? Does it just “feel” safe?

Just other general comments…