So the Bears still suck

One of the few positives this season.

Maybe we have figured the OL a bit too.

It was a good day!

The Bears still suck
Never a doubt!

I mean hey, at least they made the playoffs. Maybe next time they’ll even attend the game.

Oddly, I watched the Bills game yesterday (wife’s from Buffalo), but I skipped the Bears game today (I’m in and from Chicago) to watch Grand Budapest Hotel. It appears I made the right choice.

Wes Anderson is always the right choice!

Trubisky was the third best QB on the field yesterday.

I’d put Trubisky slightly ahead of Hill, but they’re very similar. Give them easy throws and plays that don’t require reading defenses, and they can win games if they have a stellar defense and good running game.

It will be interesting to see what the market is for Trubisky, because I dont think he’ll be back in a Bears uniform next year unless they get him cheap.

I hate you both for making me defend Trubisky here, but he’s miles ahead of Hill as a QB.

I said this in the other thread, but I think he’s back and I think it will be pretty cheap. The market for him will be really soft.

I chalk up Trubisky’s being “miles ahead” more to Trubisky having 50 starts and Hill having 4 than any kind of difference in overall talent level. There’s no doubt, I’d much prefer Trubisky if I had to start one or the other, but I’m not seeing a massive difference. Hell, Hill has a higher passer rating (93.7 to 87.2) than Trubisky.

Yeah, but that experience is not something you dismiss. In Hill’s small sample size he didn’t exactly face stout competition either. Trubisky, for all his flaws, has a winning record as a QB and we may come to learn that he’s been badly retarded by having Nagy as a coach.

I would suggest that due to experience Trubisky is a superior QB, but Hill has more potential. Not that I’m saying a lot, because I think Mitch has a pretty low ceiling.

According to PFT, both Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace are back for the Bears. Makes me happy!

I watched the entire press conference…because I have a problem.

This was a absurdly frustrating watch. Let me preface this with saying that I’m not one of the reactionary meatballs that populate almost every fan forum, I’m trying to be objective about my evaluation of Pace and Nagy. My dislike for the discussion wasn’t because of the announcement (that Pace and Nagy would be back). I can’t look at the fan forums today because the discussion is borderline insane.

This was frustrating because they didn’t demonstrate a shred of accountability. The entire discussion was about the good culture, the good people and the good collaboration (which has become a meme today). As if having a bunch of non-assholes is a) rare and difficult to achieve, and b) directly conducive to winning. Certainly a prerequisite for a long lasting healthy work environment, but I’d say that 90% of teams are able to achieve this by hiring professionals. Lots of nice-guys have led teams to 1-15 seasons. Lots of assholes have won playoff games even if they end up flaming out sooner or later.

The journalists really were probing trying to get a justification or even an acknowledgement that Ted Phillips performance was part of the evaluation and it seems like McCaskey was too daft to understand the polite questions. It appears that Ted is a lifer and that McCaskey is an empty suit. He makes no decisions and is entirely deferential to Ted. He consults other old school owners like Rooney, Mara and Bidwell, as if they somehow are going to be helpful to the Bears, and doesn’t seem to acknowledge that none of those teams are adapting particularly well to the modern NFL. Part of my thinks he just rattled off 3 random names that were least likely to be embarrassing. So apparently the Bears have been satisfied with the last 21 years of Phillips. They were also weirdly combative when asked about the duration of Pace and Nagy’s contracts. Apparently this is some big secret.

Pace and Nagy were both unwilling to talk in specifics about any of their go-forward plans, which is understandable, but it was an hour of them basically saying nothing about any mistakes or offering any reason to think they’ve made adjustments. More of the same, but they really loved Chuck and learned a lot about how to be good people from him. Which I suppose is nice for them, but doesn’t do much for the results on the field.

I’m actually okay with them keeping Pace and Nagy. Setting aside the 3 big whiffs at QB for Pace, plus a couple poor choices in free agency, he’s been a pretty solid scout. Our mid-round picks have been great. Our first round picks have been bad, which is a big problem, and the trades have not worked out. Yet these are things that you can reasonably expect a guy to learn from. The fear is that he’s going to be in “all the chips into the middle” mode to save his job, which would be really bad. If this happens McCaskey and Phillips have committed malpractice.

Nagy has been bad, but the Bears have generally beaten the bad teams and lost to the good teams. Not sure if that’s exactly a kudo, but they aren’t a team that shits itself against the bottom feeders. Which I suppose is something. With Lazor calling plays and a new DC, hopefully one with a clue, maybe the in-game stuff can get cleaned up. Of course without a competent QB it’s all moot. The big reason why I think keeping Nagy is possibly the right move, or at least logical, is because you don’t want to get the reputation around the league of being a ownership group with a quick trigger. Nagy has been here 3 seasons, has been to the playoffs twice and hasn’t had a losing season. The trend is going the wrong way, there been a million little obvious mistakes, but from the outside looking in…firing him would appear rash, caving to fan pressure and grasping at straws. What quality candidate takes that job?

Anyways, yes. The Bears still suck.