So the Bears still suck

Just going by their performance today.

So the Chicago Bears of the NFL are losing 20-3 to rivals Packers in the 2nd quarter.

I assume that is what this Op is about?

I’ll move it to the game room (for Sports) and remind you to post a little more in future ops.

Lifelong Chicagoan - not a football fan (since 86 ;)).

But the only funny pandemic joke I heard was that they were opening Soldier Field up for socializing because no one catches anything there!

Sorry, I thought I posted in the right place, I was wrong.

I am new here so I am not quite clear what is meant by the need for me to post more as an OP. I am not able to create a nuanced critique of the execution of the Chicago players due to my limited knowledge of football. Can l still take part in the classic taking the piss of dissing on DaBears.

Sorry, I didn’t realize you were new.

But out of context in the Cafe, your thread looked weird at first.

A little more information or ranting is strongly encouraged in the opening post of a thread.

No actual problem, I was trying to be too cute with my reply.

Sorry about that.

And hey, your team still has one more win that my Giants. 4-7 and somehow leading the NFC East. That’s crazy.

I will try to Bill Burr myself into a frenzy before I post another OP.
Not quite sarcasm, we are all just having fun here, right?

Boy I hope so. But if your watching that Bears game it has to be tough.

Not looking good for the Bears.

If you moved the Bears to the NFC east, they would be in first place by one game

Works for me. The Bears’ home stadium is quite a bit east of Dallas, after all.

Ok, they don’t suck, they are Worf voice “ a worthy adversary “.

They made the score look respectable with two late touchdowns, when the Packers’ defense was clearly playing “prevent.” Prior to that, the Bears were seriously outmatched on both sides of the ball.

Hey, at least the Bears have a quarterback. (for certain definitions of quarterback)

Remember everyone it can always be worse, you could be a Jets fan.

Trubisky is freaking infuriating. He’ll have one awesome throw that’s just perfect, thread the needle, and hit a receiver, then follow that up with 3 or so boneheaded plays. If only there was someone in Hallas Hall who was not a player himself, but in some kind of position to guide the team, like “coach” up the quarterback, I guess, maybe adjust plays to go with the players’ strengths and stuff. I dunno.

Anyway, the defense isn’t all that bad but the offense doesn’t run very well when they remember to do it, can’t pass, and the offensive line is awful, injured, and awful.

They opened up Soldier Field for penguins!

Some quick questions for Bears’ fans.

When the Bears were 5-1 and atop the NFC North, were you envisioning a playoff run and possible Super Bowl game? Were you excited for the rest of the year after such a great start? Or has years of Bears mediocrity stolen your hopes and dreams and so you figured the rest of the season would go like it has?

The Bears have 4 winnable games coming up against the Lions, Jags, Vikings, and Texans, all teams with losing records. Do you hold out any hope or have you all but given up?

I definitely thought the playoffs were in the bag. And with the top wildcard we’d be playing against the NFC East champ so I thought we could make a run. I was annoyed with the naysayers.

I new we were entering the hardest part of the schedule. I was expecting to go 2-2 before the bye. I never thought we’d lost 5 straight. I’m not one to root against my team, but even if we win the next 4, what’s the point?

Fire Pace. Fire Nagy. And that’s coming from someone currently wearing Nagy’s hoodie.

Meanwhile, my Browns are in second place in arguably the toughest division in the NFL; will, barring a tie, finish with their first winning season since 2007; and might just make the playoffs. Also, the Patriots have lost exactly twice as many games as the Bills.

I mean, if you needed any more evidence that the End Times are upon us…