SDMB Fantasy Football DYNASTY League: Year Nine

Alrighty, welcome back once again to one and all. Bit of a late start this year, but I’m confident in our ability to pull everything together.
2016 Champion: SenorBeef (Exploding Pancakes)
2015 Champion: VarlosZ
2014 Champion: Stringer (We Do HGH)
2013 Champion: VarlosZ
2012 Champion: Hamlet (CuteWiddleBunny)
2011 Champion: SenorBeef (Exploding Pancakes)
2010 Champion: Stringer (We Do HGH)
2009 Champion: Really Not All That Bright
Points Leaders by Year (including Weeks 15-16)
2016: Petey; 2018.97
2015: VarlosZ; 2183.64
2014: Stringer; 2177.27
2013: SenorBeef; 2132.81
2012: Stringer; 2095.83
2011: Stringer; 2229.75
2010: Stringer; 2167.03
2009: Hamlet; 2207.00
2016 Final Results:

  1. SenorBeef
  2. VarlosZ
  3. Stringer
  4. Petey
  5. RNATB
  6. Justin_Bailey
  7. Hamlet
  8. Omniscient
  9. Ellis Dee
  10. Jules Andre
  11. RetroVertigo
  12. dalej42
    2017 Draft Order:
    1.01 dale
    1.02 Retro
    1.03 Jules
    1.04 Ellis
    1.05 RNATB
    1.06 Beef [from Justin]
    1.07 Hamlet
    1.08 Omni
    1.09 Petey
    1.10 Stringer
    1.11 Varlos
    1.12 Justin [from Beef]

2.01 dale
2.02 Retro
2.03 Jules
2.04 Beef [from Ellis]
2.05 Varlos [from RNATB]
2.06 Beef [from Justin]
2.07 Hamlet
2.08 Omni
2.09 Petey
2.10 Stringer
2.11 RNATB [from Varlos]
2.12 Beef

3.01 dale
3.02 Retro
3.03 dale [from Jules]
3.04 Ellis
3.05 RNATB
3.06 Justin
3.07 Hamlet
3.08 Omni
3.09 Petey
3.10 Stringer
3.11 Retro [from Varlos]
3.12 Ellis [from Beef]

4.01 dale
4.02 Varlos [from Retro]
4.03 Jules
4.04 Ellis
4.05 RNATB
4.06 Justin
4.07 Hamlet
4.08 Omni
4.09 Petey
4.10 Stringer
4.11 RNATB [from Varlos]
4.12 Justin [from Beef]

  • Jules gets dale’s last pick
  • Varlos gets RNATB’s last pick
    – Opening Day 2017 is Thursday, September 7th. So, let’s tentatively schedule the start of our draft for Friday, August 25th, which would give us two weeks from now to get our keepers & housecleaning squared away.

– I’m not aware of any pending rules discussions, but if anyone has a proposal, as always sooner is better.

– Ok, and I think we’re all set. Trading is now open (including the trading of 2018 draft picks). Please take a look at your draft picks and the Year Eight Trade Log (below) to make everything looks right and I haven’t forgotten anything. I’ll update the Yahoo page in the coming days to set up our divsions, schedule, etc.
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I’m in and have already started researching my draft targets.

I am in! Middle of the pack, here I come.

Hi guys. Champ here.

I’m looking to move somewhere in the top 4, I think, from my 1.6 pick. I could throw in an earlyish or mid second rounder, or involve players.

Not sure if you guys noticed but my roster is still awesome.

I will never cut Josh Gordon. He will catch a pass before 2025.

Last year I proposed we have a league trophy and I was going to buy a cheap one at the end of last year, but then when I won it would’ve looked self-serving if I brought up the idea of a trophy again and I would’ve felt silly getting one for myself. But we can float that idea around again this year. Either just getting a cheap one for the winner every year or getting a trophy that the former champ mails to the new champ which is sort of more funny.

Rule change proposal: Let’s get rid of kickers. Most people don’t really like what they bring to the game, and since we’re at the yahoo max roster size (25), getting rid of a kicker would allow us to have one more bench slot. We could turn it into an extra draft pick this year. I’m not fanatical about it but I don’t think they’d be missed.

How about something that’s easier to mail than a trophy? Maybe make the last place team pay for the postage?

I don’t have the time to devote to fantasy football that I used to. I spend no time researching kickers beyond confirming that they start for a NFL team. Even in my money leagues, I just can’t justify spending time listening to a fantasy football podcast about kickers.

I’m here. Been very busy, so I might be a bit quiet. I’m fine with the trophy idea, and I’m happy to pitch in for a better one that we mail each year.

I’ll be around.

I’m around for another year even though I hate my team again.

I think we’re a bit late in this league to start handing out trophies! I have a league where we have to mail the same trophy to the league winner every year. I’ve won the league twice and having to mail the damn thing to the next winner is the worst prize ever.

This is a good point. A very good point. I guess if we go with this idea, it should be a new trophy every year? But that presents some problems, too. This is probably too much of a pain in the ass.

I think we should keep kickers. Partly because it’s familiar and provides a small element of equalizing randomness. But also because the league has always used them, so things like the records for highest points in a season are fun and interesting and I don’t want to lose that aspect, either.

“Equalizing randomness” just means injecting randomness, right? Injecting randomness equally?

OG checking in. Er… OC. Anyway, I vote for keeping kickers. Posting my current roster below in case anyone wants to make a trade offer (and likely cuts in italics case I don’t get to it later).

QB: Matt Ryan, Andy Dalton, Paxton Lynch, Brock Osweiler (!)
RB: Spencer Ware, Doug Martin, Ameer Abdullah, Jacquizz Rodgers, Mark Ingram, Matt Jones, Shane Vereen
WR: Brandin Cooks, Marvin Jones, DeAndre Hopkins, Tyreek Hill, Willie Snead, Tyler Boyd, Vincent Jackson, Jalin Marshall
TE: Jordan Reed, Martellus Bennett, Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Zach Miller
K: Steven Hauschka, Roberto Aguayo (sniffle)
DEF: Texans, Rams

ASJ is likely to be the Jets’ top receiver this year, so I may wind up keeping him. Of course, that says more about what’s on their roster than him, though he’s shown flashes of dominance in the past. If someone else needs a flier tight end, he’s available cheap - say, moving up a spot or two in the draft.

I’m also willing to trade Paxton Lynch, as he doesn’t quite fit my roster. His long-term upside is huge, but he’s not going to do much this year even if he wins the starting job, and injuries to Ryan or Dalton would probably derail my season.

I’d also be willing to consider packaging an RB and WR for a top-5 guy at either position. My position groups are awesome top-to-bottom but I can’t start all of them and none have put up top-5 seasons before.

I have very little interest in McCaffrey as a first-rounder (he just doesn’t project as more than a gadget player to me), so if he falls to 1.05 I will be willing to trade out of the pick.

I’m here and I vote for keeping kickers.

I’ve also got a tentative cut list planned, so I’ll be good to go on the 25th.

I’m in. I’m really looking forward to another season of injury plagued mediocrity.

I was looking over the yahoo redraft ranks

Jay Ajayi (11) is now the most valuable player on my team for 2017. That was an unexpected turn of events, he just sort of came out of nowhere. I’m a little worried he’s a flash in the pan, but if not, what a piece to get for a late second rounder.

Jordy Nelson (13) is just behind him. Seems plausible. Nelson’s style isn’t the sort of thing that generally breaks down instantly, I think I can still squeeze 2 elite and maybe another 2 good years out of him.

Terelle Pryor is #26. That seems way too high on me, and I’m a guy that was high on Pryor and rostered him as a project. He’s very talented and had a good year, but above DeAndre Hopkins, Demaryius Thomas? Seems too high. Maybe people are massively overestimating an escape from Cleveland effect. I would never draft him that high, but fortunately I don’t need to - I picked him up for free.

Gronk at 34 is way too low. People are overreacting to injury history. Having him anywhere but the #1 TE is wrong.

Ty Montgomery at 38 is another freebie for me. I wouldn’t draft him that high because his role is so unclear and it’s hard to tell how he’s going to shake out, but he’s a free lotto ticket for me. High ceiling.

Allen Robinson at 42. Is 1400 yard Allen Robinson the real guy or was last year’s? I didn’t really watch Jacksonville so I don’t know. Obviously the biggest disappointment in my championship year.

Martavis Bryant at 50 - I wonder how a year off football will affect him. I mean, injured guys do it all the time, and coming back without having been injured has to be better than that. In the keeper league I have to choose between keeping him and Terelle Pryor - and I was leaning towards him. Surprised Pryor is regarded so much higher.

I thought Cameron Meredith would merit higher than 80, he seemed like he’s got a lot of breakout potential after last year.

Surprised to see Taylor Gabriel all the way at the bottom - it seems unlikely he’ll disappear.

Didn’t mention Aaron Rodgers and Demaryius Thomas since they’re consistent and you know exactly what to expect so they’re in the right place.

Tyreek Hill was (very quietly) the #6 WR in this format last year. I’m concerned that his increased time on offense might end up being a wash since he’s not going to be returning kicks/punts.

Oh I made this offer last year but here goes again: If anyone wants to swap first round picks next year, right now, I’ll do it.

In other words, does anyone want to bet that they’ll have a better record than you this season? If the consolation bowl didn’t mess things up I’d probably take that bet.

Yeah, it’s a bet to put a wager on our confidence - if you think you’ll end up better than me, you get to brag all offseason about how I got you a better pick with my performance.

Can I ask specifically what’s your concern about the consolation bowl?

I sent PMs to the 3 people who haven’t checked in; we always have a few stragglers, I’m not worried yet.

I’m 100% in favor of the No Kickers proposal, but we’ve just never been able to get much traction for it. Maybe I should’ve pushed harder in the inaugural thread…

I’m back.

I have a habit of winning it, or at least finishing second.