So the Hatch chilies are in...

…and the roadside stands are open, with their drums rotating over an open flame, perfectly roasting the chilies so the skins just slide off when you get them home. I have my own pork green chili recipe that I make big batches of, freezing them to last me through the winter. I also keep some diced chilies in the fridge to put in cornbread muffins on Sunday mornings.

Any favorite recipes for these delectable things?

I’d never bought them before, but had heard of them. I made some (red) chili with some the other day. I should have skinned them first, because the skins came off in the chili and were pretty tough.

I thought they would have some heat! I guess I just wasn’t all that impressed overall. Just like a bell pepper, slightly sweeter…

Oh, oh, oh,…I think I can smell them all the way over here in California. Yum!
I’ve had them in breakfast burritos and cornbread.
Could you ship me some Lamar? Pretty please?

When I lived in Albuquerque I used to love when the roadside roasters would start up.

Man, I miss fresh green chiles.

The varieties sold as “Hatch” chilis aren’t really hot, although some can rival jalapenos. They are full of flavor and that is what makes then so good. Most green chili stews are supplemented with jalapeno and chipotle to add heat.

If they were comparable to a bell pepper then they probably were a plain old Anaheim pepper falsely advertised. That said, the rumor is that the crop this year is milder than in years past.