So -- The KAL 007 Passengers Are Alive And Well And Living In The Gulag?

Oookayy. I don’t know how I missed this CT (apologies if this has been done before – search doesn’t deal well with either KAL or 007):

My initial conclusion is that the crazy paranoid Soviets didn’t want anyone conducting a proper search-and-rescue/recovery effort in their waters (and, probably wanted to get at/doctor the flight recorder to support whatever politically-motivated story they wanted to tell about the shootdown), so that explains the lack of access to the fuselage/passengers. So definitely, they acted fishy, but that’s what paranoid commies do.

The two things that most make me doubt the CT are: (a) some limited human remains, pretty dismembered, apparently did wash up in Japan; and (b) ditching a jumbo jet on water, at night, and having any significant number of passengers survive and get to land, seems a very low-percentage possibility (though the above site does contain counterexamples to this proposition).

Has anyone else even heard of this CT? Does anyone still actively believe/support it?

I was a Bircher back when it happened and the initial news reports did actually say that the plane came down safely on a Russian island and all the passengers would be quickly checked & returned to the homelands. The reporter I heard joked that Rep. Larry P. MacDonald, who was acting leader of the JBS as Robert Welch had retired, probably would not appreciate the Soviet hospitality.

Later that night, of course, came the reports that the plane did crash into the ocean & there no survivors. Various JBS members considered this either an assassination of MacDonald or a capture of him- but the consensus was that everyone indeed had died when the plane went down. However, a few Birchers & other Rightists did raise the possibility into the late 1980s that MacDonald & the other passengers did indeed survive & were kept in Soviet prisons. I recall Reed Irvine of Accuracy In Media discussing that on, I think, C-SPAN. However, after the dissolution of the USSR & the opening of a lot of KGB files, the suspicion seemed to finally die out.

But apparently not totally!

Maybe this is just me, but … uh …what’s a CT?

Conspiracy Theory


That makes the thread worthwhile. I love a good conspiracy theory. I was afraid there was something about Connecticut that I wasn’t up on.

Connecticut doesn’t exist. It’s a lie supported by the NAFTA people.

Whoa. Is there an “Ask a former Bircher” thread in the works?

Nope- there already was one.

I suppose we could have a Part II.

Here it is!

Well, my vanity has gotten to me.

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And if I get more than one here, an “Ask the former Bircher Part II” thread will be opened.

So you are saying it wasn’t shot down, the right wing just fell off?

Why am I not surprised that your location is McCainapalooza SE In USA?
Does the Birch Society even exist anymore? It is like a flashback to the 60’s even hearing the name! My guess is, if you opened the thread today, people would ask you about trees, and if you also liked elm trees as much as birch.

But back to the OP.

I am always amazed at how Russia seems to keep vast numbers of amazing things under wraps…alien bodies, aging Nazis, non-dead plane crash survivors…I am beginning to think the television series, Lost, is going to wind up being an island in Siberia somewhere…most likely within eyeshot of Sarah Palin’s house.


You really think the JBS would be enthusiastic about McCain? Yeah, a lot of Birchers will probably vote for McCain, but they’ll be bitching about it. And many Birchers will be going for Barr, Baldwin or Keyes.

Does Ron Paul not make the cut?

He would be most Birchers’ natural pick- I think he is one himself, but he is not running & instead has endorsed Chuck Baldwin of The Constitution Party (and who sounds like a Bircher to me).