So the police are scamming me now...

On my cell phone. Very much like ‘Rachael’ from card member services.

Ring Ring Ring.

Hello, this is enipla.
Is Dwayne there?
Who are you calling for.
Clicky clack…
This is John from the policeman’s benevolent society.

REALLY pisses me off. I USED to get only import calls on my cell. Perhaps one a week. When my cell goes off, It would be either my Wife or my 87 year old mother that may very be in dire need of help.

But now we get unsolicited calls from law enforcement.

I doubt that this is actually authorized by the police in your area. Or if it is, the association gets 5 or 10%, and the company takes the rest. It’s more or less a scam.

Be thankful they’re not shooting you.

It’s like civil forfeiture for your cell phone minutes.

Simple answer is to look at the phone number. If it’s not Mrs. alpine or your mother (who would also be Mrs. alpine, now that I think of it), let it go to voice mail.

Unless your mother got married again to someone else who’s not your dad. Anyway, 87 is a good long run. My dad passed away last year at 85. Hope your mom makes 100. Take care of her.

It’s not the police, it’s just a “charity” trying to get you to send money.

As kaylasdad99 says, if it’s not a number you recognize, then don’t answer. I get a few each day like that. No need to get all worked up, upset, posting a rant on SDMB, etc. Your blood pressure will thank you.

The Police shot me through my cell phone once. It was very annoying. I had to go to the hospital for almost an hour.

News article absolutely devoid of any news:

I used to get these all the time at my place of work, requesting money for the families of dead cops, to take poor kids to the circus, for injured firemen…My clueless French boss, thinking he’d, like, get worse police service or something if he didn’t pony up, had given some money to one of these assholes one time, and after that came the deluge.

The pattern now, like the call to the OP, seems to be to fake a ‘wrong number’ call. I assume this is getting round some prohibition or other regarding calling cell numbers.

She was getting married to Crazy Cat? (Her fiance’s name was Don Diamond. :D)

I leave my phone off until needed. Really cuts down on the incoming bullshit.

I’ve never heard of policeman’s benevolent society’s outside old fiction of the '20s and '30s [ helas, pretty soon we will be folk of the '20s and '30s… ] — both sides of the Atlantic — when people smally bribed officers by buying tickets for the Balls the associations allegedly held.
Once, a much older churchgoer next to me told me of when his father lost some horse harness, or horse blankets etc. sometime in the first two decades, when police in Britain lived in Police Houses and cars were rare, and 2 coppers turned up and promised the thieves would be caught, but maybe not the property found.

After consideration he gave them a couple of notes and the property was miraculously found within a few hours.

His name is Don Damond and he now has to plan a funeral rather than a wedding.

You should really give them different names in your list of contacts…

I left mine in the Jeep for 3 weeks once and never missed it.

It’s not the actual police, moron.

Why would they be named alpine?

Palindrome of the PO?

Oops, meant the OP…

Policemen don’t have balls.

I misread it as Don Diamond and I was going for a joke. Don Diamond played the Hekawi Indian Crazy Cat on F Troop