So the two best records of the decade are out. (Magnetic Fields and Mountain Goats)

The Magnetic Fields’ Distortion came out last week, and I’m willing to declare it the finest album of this decade thus far. And then the Mountain Goats’ Heretic Pride has leaked, and it’s easily #2 if not tied for #1, the finest record of John Darnielle’s career, which is saying quite a bit.

Has anyone heard either? Thoughts?

I love Distortion. Definitely my favorite thing Merritt has done since 69LS.

Haven’t heard the new Mountain Goats yet, but I’m looking forward to it. I usually fall in love with one or two songs on each of his albums–not that the rest aren’t great, it’s just that one or two stand out.

I’ve been a big fan of John Darnielle since about 1996’s Nothing For Juice. I loved the lo-fi ghetto blaster recordings of the early Mountain Goats, and I have enjoyed the gradual evolution up to Get Lonely, but I really really really loved the (fairly) recent Babylon Springs EP. I hope the new one has more songs along the lines of that EP.

The most acclaimed albums of the decade are
White Stripes - Elephant
The Strokes - Is This It


I have a guess that M.I.A. - Kala might be too, once the lists get in.

If we are being subjective, the best album is Tool - Lateralus.