So then Muffin said....

My friends laugh at me, because I talk about my cats like this:

“So then I came into the family room, and there was PC asleep on the table - she’s not too bright, and she’d forgotten she’s not allowed on it. So I walk in and she looks up at me and says ‘Hi! I’m happy to see you Mummy!!’, and I say ‘PC! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!’, and she goes ‘Oh, crap!’ and runs away”

“… then I heard a weird noise in the kitchen and I went running, in time to see Muffin slinking out of the kitchen. I looked at her and she looked at me and said ‘What? What? I didn’t do anything’, and I said ‘Muffin! What have you been up to??’, and she just smiled and walked away”.

My cats may not speak standard English, but so what? I know what they would say if they could…

… PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one!! My friends think I’m nuts.

You’re not nuts. Cats - and other animals - communicate very clearly. It just takes a little practice to be able to understand them.

He may not speak English, but The Amazing Velcro Cat communicates very clearly when he wants to.

[sub]Although I do worry about your cat going crap on your table ;)[/sub]

Yeah, I do that, too. I’ll catch myself saying something like “So Molly gives me this ‘pet me now, or else’ so I picked her up…” and “Punkin is like, feed me, feed me…”

Purrrrrr . . . Purrrrrr . . . Purrrrrr . . .

Of course they can talk. IMHO cats are much more expressive than dogs.

But you know what time this is, another Petite story time and it happened only a few minutes ago. Petite was sitting on the table hitting random computer keys. Dog brought me a toy (it squeaks and it shaped like a sheep, read into that what you will). So I throw the toy. It hit the step and stopped rather than going into the next room. But dog goes on top of the step looking to get the toy. Eeeeek dog puts on the brake and goes sliding on the linoleum crashing into her food dish. She then runs back in room to get toy and lopes off with it squeeking all the way. Cat then look at me and goes “brrrrr”. I know she was laughing at silly dog.

You just need to get more cat lover friends or else train the ones you have. :wink:

oh, we cats are verrrrrrrry talented… after all, i can type on this [sub]stupid, human-oriented[/sub] keyboard… and i’ve managed to train myself not to eat the plasticy rollything mouse (after many long and hard efforts… CRUNCH oops…). humans underestimate us too much… sheesh, is it really that hard to understand that my daily catnip dose must be adjusted in a positive way? grumble, mumble

Wind Sorceress wants to chime in:
lets just say cats have higher intelligence than dogs. either physically, spiritually, or mentally. and BTW, does anyone actually understand my cat-friend Cougarfang’s posts naturally w/o thinking?

my response:
(wow, a whole thread in one post! amazing, what packaging can do these days…)
without thinking, it’s kinda hard to understand ANYONE’s posts… [patronizing look] aw, don’t look so glum… cats communicate at a higher level, so of course you don’t understand me… [/patronizing look]
sound of cat running away from sound of very annoyed human

Well, your cat may exhibit intelligence superior to canines but mine certainly does not. Then again, I own a wolf hybrid so he tends to be smarter than the average mutt. Piewacket the cat is definitely out of the running for any animal Mensa club memership. Piewacket’s main goal in life is to get inside long enough to tap out his Friskies and then annoy me until he is let out again. He is definitely a cat of very little brain. He more than makes up for it in the affection department, but an Einstein he ain’t.

I’ll do that all the time. Both face-to-face and online (e.g. I’ll be talking on ICQ and excuse myself for a minute because “Shan just came over and asked for a tummy scratching.”)

Incidentally, Shan just heard me type his name and he woke up and mrr-ed at me.