So there are two men dressed up as sheep,

Has anyone seen this commercial, two sheep with human heads are eating Skiddles from a stump? I don’t get it and it sort of creeped me out.

What are the advertising people thinking?

How would the actor list it on their resume?

The point of advertising is simply to be memorable. You remembered the commercial, so it’s a success.

If you listen to the dialogue, you’ll “get it”.

I’ve listened to the dialouge and I still don’t “get it”. It seems to me like they’re insulting all the people who would buy it.

I don’t think that it is that hard to “get”. People that eat Skittles are furries. Easy!

I do. The ad is for new blended Skittles. Our two protagonists are eating said product and are commenting how amazing it is that two things that are so different could be blended together. Then the farmer comes in and says something like, “Hey, sheepboys, back to work!”

The joke is that the two fruits have been blended together to create a combination not found ordinarily- much like we don’t see very many men with sheep bodies.

Although Skittles’ ads have been very avant-guarde lately (the man in the bird’s nest, the Sourman), this one is both weird and pretty funny.

Wow, remind me not use you for my advertising! :slight_smile: The point of advertising is to sell, if you remember my product, but don’t buy, I’ve wasted my money.