So, They've Cancelled Halloween In Schools Now?

Too mild for the pit.

Political correctness has taken yet another mindless step forward, err backward. I heard on the radio this morning that certain schools here have declared that costumes may not be worn on Halloween. Instead, these schools are having Orange and Black day. Feel free to wear either, or both, but do not wear a costume to school tomorrow.

Holy shit this is getting ridiculous: first Christmas, then Easter, and now that terrible Pagan celebration of Halloween. I’m speechless. What were kids dressing up as Muslims with bombs on their back or something equally as insulting? Is this what it’s all about? Instead of sending one kid home or asking him to remove his costume you cancel it for everyone?

My wife is a high school teacher and I think they are calling it Harvest Festival or some such.

Well, that’s just crap. Halloween and Christmas - the two highlights of the school year. I thought it was bad when my niece was sent home because her costume was “too scary” (she was a mummy or something innocuous like that); this is even stupider. Is there any reason given for kids not being allowed to dress up and have fun for Halloween at school? (And by the way, Harvest Festival is even more pagan.)

I’m not following - why are Halloween & Christmas highlights of the school year? Maypole dancing was not allowed when I was a kid - then they allowed it again.

I don’t think I was allowed to dress up in grade school, either. Of course, I was at a small Catholic school, so that might have been because they thought it was a celebration of eeeevil or something. So, liberal over-sensitivity or religious nuttery, take your pick.

It was still a good deal, though. We got off on November 1 for All Souls day, so Halloween was never a school night! Woo-hoo!

My town is totally Baptist or Mormon, but Halloween is still “Dress-Up” day at all the schools. Our secretarial staff usually do a group theme. I think this year they are all coming to work as M&Ms.

I might have to dig out my Faire garb this year. Or else dress in a white shirt and tie, wear a “Yes On 8” button and go as the scariest thing I can think of. :smiley:

It’s mix here. My son’s school has a Halloween carnival where kids can wear their costumes, but they don’t dress up for the school day. At my daughter’s school they can wear their costumes to class. Some schools have a “Harvest festival” but it’s still all about Halloween.

I know at my son’s school they make some exceptions for Jehovah’s witnesses, who don’t celebrate holidays, except Easter, and consider some things objectionable. For example, they make sugar skulls for Dia de los Muertos, and the JW kids are allowed to make sugar hearts or something.

I knew a state worker who, here in Topeka, dressed up as Fred Phelps for Halloween at work. After all, they were looking for a scary outfit! Made a mask out of an enlarged photo of Phred’s face, and dresses as the “old school” Phelps, with billowing nylon jacket and tight nylon biking pants.

I work at a preK-eighth grade Catholic school. We’re having orange and black day tomorrow, but I think the preK kids and the kindergartners may be dressing in their Halloween costumes. Orange and black day, to me, didn’t seem like a putting down of Halloween. I think the intent at our school was to have a fun dress-down day, but not to have the distraction of everyone in costume. Making the day color themed allows people to recognize that its Halloween, but still easily focus on school work. From a teacher’s perspective, it’s a great mix.

As a side question, who dressed up for Halloween at school when they were younger? We had Halloween parties through fifth grade, but I don’t remember ever dressing up past kindergarten. I started grade school in 1989, to give you a time range.

I live in a tiny town in the middle of Wisconsin. My 5 year old wore his costume(power ranger) all day on Tuesday. I am not sure what the older kids are doing. I think they do go with the Orange/Black thing, but they still have some sort of little party.

The Lions Club also sponsers a Halloween party at the school for all kids in the area from ages birth to 10 or 12. My son loves it. They play a bunch of winner-every-time games, and give them candy and fruit. The kid even loves getting a banana or a pear, and eats it all!

When I was a kid and in school(early 70s) we wore our costumes at the end of the day, and had a little parade around the school. Then we got that weird orange drink and some cupcakes. Yum! Fun times.

I went to a series of public schools in different states (we moved around a lot). This was in the later 1980’s and all through the 90’s. Every school I can remember allowed us to wear costumes during school. If Halloween fell on a weekend, the Friday before was costume day. As we got older, not all of the kids did, and the costumes tended to get simpler.

If the school had mandated no costumes and that we couldn’t officially call it “Halloween,” there would have been a riot at my highschool.

I get the rest of your post, but not this. I can’t imagine dressing more causually at the schools I went to. Does your school have uniforms? Also, is it really so distracting to have folks in costume? It seems like things would settle out after the initial morning chatter.

We were always allowed to in kindergarten, up through 8th grade. I went to a private Catholic school, and we had to wear uniforms most of the time, but we were still allowed to dress up for Halloween. I started kindergarten in 1986.

I don’t have kids myself, but a lot of parents I know have been talking about what costumes their kids are wearing to school for Halloween, so a fair amount of schools are still letting kids dress up.

We’re allowed to dress up where I work now (a children’s hopsital) as long as we don’t break any existing dress code rules (ie, no jeans, not too revealing, that kind of thing).

Yeah, we would get to put on our costumes after lunch time (or go home, if we needed help,) and then we would have a little “parade” around the school yard, followed by Halloweenie-type snacks. It was one of those, fall-y, mysterious-y days that makes childhood memories so dreamy.

On one hand it sucks, but at the same time, there are way too many slutty costumes. Although, school dress codes already take care of that problem.

I can’t remember wearing my costume to school back in the early 80’s. I thought it was a newer custom. Our local schools have tomorrow off for some reason–even the college moved the Annual Pumpkin Drop to today (a test of gravity, starring Aristotle, Galileo, Newton, and Einstein!).

Mormons love Halloween, just FYI.

For sure, I have a costume party at my local ward building tonight.

Good to know. They must be the ones countering the Baptists!

What was the reason given for the change?

On Halloween you got to dress up in your costume (before putting it on to go halloweening later); on Christmas you had the Christmas pageant or play or whatever your school did, plus candy and time off. All good things to kids. :slight_smile:

orange and black day??!!

why on earth do the phila. flyers get thier own day coast to coast?