So, Uh, Have You Ever Killed Somebody?

Any Dopers ever killed another person?

I know that some of you are/were soldiers, and that some of you are/were cops or prison guards, so this question isn’t totally out there.

I’m sure it was a totally horrible experience. Maybe talking about it here will be sorta cathartic.

What makes you think I’d tell YOU about the 35 bodies I buried in my backya…

Oops. I’ll never learn, I guess :smiley: .

Yeah. But it doesn’t count if you eat them, right?

Killed? In what way? If, for arguements sake, I was involved in a fatal car wreck, would that count?

There is no way I would admit to murdering another human. IRL or on the Web. Way to easy to trace:).

I once told a table full of guys in art class about how there was a particular road on which you could get all four wheels off the ground if you hit it aggressively enough. Within a week, two of those guys killed two children and permanently crippled their mother when they smashed her station wagon underneath a stopped school bus.

Does that count? Probably not, to those who have actually killed, but I think about it often, and I have yet to reconcile how culpable I am for what happened. Suffice to say I think of it often. Back in the day, they used to kill the messenger of bad news. What about the instigator?

If you mean kill in the context of “murder” then, no, I haven’t. During Desert Storm? Yes, it was pretty much unavoidable, and besides, the guy had just shot my co-driver in the head.


My experience has been those that have, don’t talk about it and those that haven’t…

I’ve never actually done it, but I came really really close once…

See, there’s this girl that I love, and there’s this guy who hurt her… badly. She’s still afraid of him to this day.

So many years ago, after thinking about it for weeks, I set up a little spot across the street from his trailer, got into a car and set up with my SKS rifle. I was all dialed in, just waiting for him to open the door.

After waiting about 20 minutes, I had the epiphinay that the woman that I loved would not be happy with this. That in fact it would probably push her away from me… so I got out of the car (nobody in this little town locks their door), tucked my rifle under my duster and walked home and went to sleep.

I still would kill him, easy, if I knew I could get away with it… but it’s not what she wants. I’m still working on how to deliver that…

In real life I haven’t had to kill anybody…though I’ve thought about it a few times. In my novel I kill off–counting everything, including references to long-ago wars–something in excess of 200 billion people (using the word “people” more broadly than just “human,” you understand.)

I did, however, have the unique opportunity to get some non-lethal revenge on a guy who had been an asshole to a female friend. I helped her move out of the apartment she’d been sharing with him…and right before we left I pissed in his shampoo.

I once killed a man just to see him die. But then someone distracted me and I missed it.

(apologies to the comedian who I have forgotten, for shamelessly stealing one of his best jokes)

I’m just taking a wild guess, but that sounds like Steven Wright.

Like Tristan, I once staked out the house of a female friend of mine looking to kill her rapist, who was continuing to stalk her. Not having an SKS handy, my friends and I were ready to kill him with lead mallets and crowbars.

Turns out that the pervert in question didn’t actually exist. Good news, that kept us from incarceration, and meant that our friend hadn’t been done any physical harm and was in no danger from some stranger. Bad news, it seemed she was either so cruel as to make up this story to attract attention, or so messed up as to actually have hallucinated the whole thing.

Whichever it was she’s much better now, thankfully.

But back to the OP, I guess I do know what it’s like to be ready to kill, but I’ve never actually been tested.

A long time in my past I worked as a Armored Car Driver. My partner was robbed, and a gun held to his head while he handed over the cash. I stuck my gun out the port and fired two rounds when my partner fell to the ground with a shot to the neck. The bullets hit the man in the sternum (called a double tap), and he died before he hit the ground.

I was charged with 2nd degree murder and was released with no bail (I didn’t spend any time in jail, as it was obvious what had happened). The Grand Jury refused to press charges, and I was cleared.

The man hade three children and a wife. I don’t regret what I did, but I do regret what ‘he’ did.

I remember reading a news story a few years ago about how some guy on a message board confessed to killing his daughter by setting his house on fire while she was asleep. At least one of the other people on the board turned him in to the police, but what’s disturbing to me is the fact that many of the others comforted him, saying stuff like “I can see how broken up and upset you are about this, everybody let’s give him a group hug”.

If I told you, I’d have to kill you. Thus perpetuating the cycle.