So, Ummm, Groupon, there are birds and there are bees and...

I just got an email from Groupon with the subject line…

“Father’s Day deals for the man who gave birth to you”

Which is, interesting…

Forward a copy to me. I’ll send it to my high school. I so deserve a refund, they did not cover this at all! Now, I have to wonder if I should have been also milking my bull all these years. Grrrr

stomps out to see if Mr Bull wants to be milked


Do you mean to have Gawker and not Groupon in the subject line?

, yes Groupon not Gawker

Fixed 'er.

Groupon Father’s Day ad

My dumbass sense detects copy & paste misuse…

Maybe they’re trying to be funny? Groupon is very good at trying to be funny, and failing.

I’m actually wondering if it might have been on purpose. I’ve seen things in their write-ups that are just so off the wall, it’s like they’re trying to see who’s paying attention.

One of the Groupons I bought was for a facial, and they said that you would get one of two “flavours”, depending on your sign, the weather, and your pronunciation of quinoa.

Well, I did open the email.

This. GroupOn does this all the time. Every one of their descriptions is an attempt at being clever.

Maybe they don’t know the diference between a Octopus and a Seahorse?

Well there was that one FtM guy who got pregnant through a donor and gave birth! That groupon is for that baby :smiley:

Gangster_Octopus sure grew up fast!!:eek:

“You’re finally done milking? What took you so long?”

“It took me all morning with that big cow to fill the milk bucket!”

I guess it’s the next step from the phrase “we are pregnant,” which I am hearing more and more. Apparently I’ve been pregnant and given birth twice. Given that, I’m remarkably free of stretch marks.

Several people, according to my ftm friend.