So We Were Watching TV *or* It's Monday, Right?

It was Sunday night and we, the Little Woman and I, were watching TV. Malcolm in the Middle. (I wanted to give Katcha the middle name “Harrison”. I almost got away with it, but I accidentally said “Hi! I’m Harry in the middle!” out loud. It was nixed after that.) You know the teacher for the Krelboynes? The guy, not the lady teacher who’s kinda hot in a Annie Potts sorta way? Yeah, him. We were watching and saw him and couldn’t figure out where we saw him before. The Little Woman thought it was Brisco, from The Legend of Brisco Country, Jr.. Nope, not Bruce Campbell. It could be, like, his cousin or something, but it wasn’t him. We just couldn’t figure it out.

I even did a web search for the Malcolm episode. It turns out he was Chris Eigeman. So I did another search under his name, to find out what he’s done that I might have seen him in before. It only came up with four movies I haven’t seen. So I was stumped.

Then, last night while we were getting dinner ready, it came to me! “It’s Like, You Know”! Yeah, that was it! A quick search to confirm it and bingo! Only he was Christopher Eigeman in that. Like Ricky Shroeder becoming Rick, only different.

Now, I know there are a few of you out there going “Yeah, of course it was that guy who was the whiny writer guy in It’s Like, You Know, you should have asked me. I could have told you!” Well, keep it to yourself, OK? If you admit to knowing that, it’s like admitting you actually watched It’s Like, You Know. How embarrassing would that be? Except for having A.J. Langer in it (and Mimi Rogers doing guest spots- and it’s hard to believe she’s Wayne Rogers’ sister, isn’t it?) the whole show was a wash.

Ya know, it’s like, you know, I never heard of It’s Like, You Know. Then again I’m always kinda behind on trendy stuff. So, if it was like, you know, a trendy kinda thing, then of course ol’ Swamp has like, you know, no clue, like, ya know?

(That was kinda like, you know, fun to type up.)

Oh, damn! I love Christopher Eigeman! I’ll have to start watching Malcolm if that’s the case!