So we're Fedexing junk mail now (Sprint)?

Arrived home this evening to find a Fedex envelope leaning up against my door. This piques my interest, as I pretty much never receive any kind of express mail unless it’s something I ordered from Amazon. So, what could it be? Notification of a lottery win? Subpoena to testify regarding that little unpleasantness a few years back? Fan mail from some flounder?

Nope. Upon pulling the magic tearaway strip and tipping out the contents, it turns out to be…a four-page brochure from Sprint, extolling the magnificent benefits awaiting me if I will only switch wireless carriers. BTW, they seem to think I’m a T-Mobile subscriber, which I ain’t. And that I have a smart phone with a data plan, which I don’t (the company I work for supplies me with one).

Jeez, I knew the wireless biz is cutthroat, but I hate to think Sprint is spending 10 or 15 bucks a pop on premium delivery to mooks like me for nothing. Well, no, actually I’m flattered that they consider me such an important person, which I presume is the rationale behind this silly waste of resources.

Why would fish send you fan mail?

Rocky and Bullwinkle reference. Guess I’m dating myself here.

They’re not spending that much. Any large company is going to have a fat discount based on its contract with Fedex or UPS. And if this was some sort of organized campaign in which they sent letters to multiple people via Fedex, they probably negotiated a special rate (perhaps a dollar or two per mailing). Plus you opened the envelope and looked at the contents. They wouldn’t have gotten that with a conventional piece of junk mail.

AFAIK, that would be an illegally low price. I think the minimum is around $3 or $4 for letters sent without postage.

What Dewey said. And I can add that as long as the suckers they can sell make it financially worthwhile and profitable to DO so, they’ll use FedEx, they’ll use Western Union… hell, they’ll have it hand delivered by dancing harem girls if they think it’ll affect your perception of what they’re selling… and if it’s profitable.

Hey, sure; it’s their money and they can spend it how they like. If someone actually is more likely to take their service just 'cause the offer came by express, that’s fine too. I’ll pass, though.

Now, if anyone from Sprint is listening, those dancing harem girls Master Wang-Ka mentioned? I might be swayed by that.


I was going to complain about this too. I was at home the other day when there was a knock on the door. We’re in a secured building where the neighbors tend to keep to themselves. The only person I could imagine knocking was the manager. As I got up, I heard the scritch, scritch, scritch of something being pushed under the weatherstripping on the door. And there it was, a lovely FedEx envelope from the kindly folks at Sprint.

We’re about a year into our current contract with another year to go, but they thought maybe we’d like go even further into debt, uh, upgrade with them now. Because this year’s phones are even super duperer than last year’s, apparently. With even cooler features that we wouldn’t use anyway since we’re pretty basic when it comes to our usage. Thank you, Sprint, but I think we’ll pass.

I wonder how much time FedEx deliverers waste having to deliver this trash?

The delivery guys/girls get paid the same whether they bring gold bars or cat litter…

Probably a buck or maybe even less if they set it up presorted. And it worked — you opened and read it. They realize most USPS stuff goes trash straight off so its worth the gamble to them.

This is a complete and shocking surprise — Sprint is still in business? :slight_smile:

Seriously, they are going nuts with direct postal mail many companies because sending out e-mail is just SPAM and no one wants to read it anyway. But if it’s an envelope and you toss it because you know what it is, then it’s money entirely down the drain for them. But if you actually opened it and paid attention to it, there is still going to be a percentage of people who will take the company up on whatever the offer is. Very likely, they got a nice deal on doing this bulking mailing with FedEx too, so they might come out ahead.

I got one the other day.

You opened it, didn’t you?

Chances are if it was just in a regular envelope it would’ve gone straight in the bin. But a FedEx envelope must be important, so it gets opened. I guess they’re betting that the more eyes read their material, the more new customers they get.

Of course. I get all that; I just brought it up as a possibly interesting new wrinkle in the advertising arms race.

As to effectiveness, it remains to be seen. Some time back, I took a USAirways flight from Houston to Phoenix. Once we got off the ground, I dropped the tray table, only to find it covered with an ad glued to the surface. For Pepto-Bismol. In bright pink, of course. I’m sure some bright spark at the ad agency was thinking it a genius move to force passengers to view their ad for an hour or two if they wanted a place to put their drink. All it made me want to do, however, was avoid that carrier like the plague.

OK, so Sprint tricked me into looking at their stupid ad. This does not endear them to me, or make me more likely to consider their offer. I recognize others may not share this view.

Yup, Sprint is desperate. They FedExed me, I’m a 10 year plus customer, they lowered my bill, and they gave me a better phone (iPhone 5->6) for free. Still unlimited data.

I am pleased. FedEx at will!

Every single thing said in this thread, we said when we opened that envelope.

For those of you who think Sprint is on its last legs, probably, but it’s a pretty good time to be a Verizon customer, too. At least according to my TV.

(See cable companies? See what competition does?)

I don’t get the people saying that they’d throw away an envelope without reading it. If the envelope is branded Sprint, then the choice to throw it awy is the same. However an unmarked regular envelope could be anything, and throwing it away unseen seems very cavalier.

evidently they think it’s a better use of their money than actually improving their network coverage and speed.

/ guy still kicking himself for switching from VZW to Sprint

I’m surprised they have to pull stunts like this. You would think that the “brand loyalty” mentality would mean that every die-hard NASCAR fan would have dumped their AT&T and Verizon services for Sprint after they took over sponsorship of the main NASCAR series (when they bought out existing sponsor Nextel, IIRC).

God I hated Sprint when I had 'em. But I figured, hey, that was a while ago, they got a new CEO and seem to have been investing in their LTE network, which I was never able to use with my iPhone 4S. But I guess it’s just same old same old with them?

I didn’t get any FedExed junk mail from Sprint, so my guess is they’re doing a limited trial of this particular marketing campaign, closely watching conversion rates, and if they see an uptick that warrants the additional cost, we’ll all get one. Then all of our junk mail will come by FedEx until we all just reflexively throw out FedEx envelopes. And the cycle will start over.