So, we're going on a holiday in 4 weeks, BUT..

Me, my daughter and two grandsons are heading back to Vietnam in four weeks for a vacation. It was originally booked back in late Dec (when the airfares were super cheap).

But today my daughter got a job-offer she can’t quite refuse…except there is a two-day induction for the job that falls near the end of our holiday-time. About 5 days short to be precise.

So, the plan is now that she is going to fly home early for the induction, leaving ME with two boys for the last five days…to negotiate internal flights back to HCMC AND to get us home again to Australia…and THEN to drive home from the airport to our home.

I am already shitting myself. Tell me I can feed the kids lemonade and bahn mi for the final five days? Please?


How young are your grandsons? I’m pretty sure you can manage though, based on your travel experience! We have nothing but confidence in you! :smiley:

Good Luck!

Four words: Frozen waffles, hot dogs. :wink:

Some of my favorite memories as a kid was the few times my Mom would go out of town without my Dad, and Dad had to feed us kids for a few days. Lots of fast-food (I remember big buckets of KFC), sodas, and general crap food. It was great!

You’ll have several days of practice under your belt by then and you’ll be fine. Spoil them if you have to (what are grandmothers for), and hand them back to their mother strung out on sugar and lacking any sense that rules are still a “thing”. :slight_smile:

(You’ll also have enough time to determine if you really feel over your head and adjust your plans accordingly. You can all return early if you have to.)

Banh mi? Banh you!

Good luck!

And ruin them with iPads. Don’t forget the iPads

Good point. Yes, use electronics when necessary. Screen time limits are for home.

“I don’t LIKE banh mi!”

“I’m tired of the iPad.”

“Can we rent scooters?”

“Look! I put your glasses on that ox!”