So...what about that idiot who named his newborn "Sarah McCain Palin"..."...

He snuck around behind his wife’s back and put that stupid name on the poor kid’s birth certificate, ignoring the agreement he had with his wife about what to name her.


Any news on this?

I could have sworn I read somewhere that in my state, one can change the name on a child’s birth certificate at no cost for like…seven years? I don’t have a cite, but I hope that is the case for the baby.

Holy crap, that asshole initially was going to name her John McCain! AS A GIRL.

Well, his wife hasn’t killed him yet, but no guarantees on the extended family. This year’s clearly going to have one awkward Thanksgiving. At any rate, the family apparently has a year to go in and file for a change on the birth certificate.

He also, as far as I know (I live quite near the guy and all the local papers were abuzz), hasn’t been back in the news since this article. Somehow, I imagine that the kid is getting called by the name both parents agreed on and that the paperwork will get filed eventually and with much less hoopla than the original certificate.

But more importantly, I’m a bit concerned that this guy could be taking my blood at one of my college’s blood drives. :dubious:

I find the name (Sarah) refreshingly normal. The middle names I think will fall into obscurity soon, so no harm done to the kid.

A friend of mine once dated a girl named “JohnAnn.”

kk fusion is right, but the new little girl does face a huge handicap in life. Not because of her name, which is actually quite pretty. It’s her cretinous dad. What kind of man does that to his wife? What kind of man almost names his daughter “John McCain?”

No one I’d want for a father, that’s for sure.

A lot of losers are forgotten or relegated to Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy, but the names of the losers in the most historic U.S. election? If her great grandchildren even have a passing knowledge of American history, they’d recognize those names.

I’ll take “Poor Fuckers Named After Political Idiots” for a thousand, Alex.

Obama’s mother was named Stanley and it didn’t hold her back. Of course she went by her middle name, Ann…

Anyway this guy is still a dick.

Friends of the family had a girl and named her <something I forget>. When she was about two they got some sort of sign or message that her name should really be Oona. I’m not sure how much they had to get through to get it changed, but how confusing for her!

How about all those people who ordered Palin glasses around the time of the convention? It was going to take until about now for all the orders to get filled… I bet those glasses aren’t going to see much use…

The Palin glasses and “Joe the [anything]” are destined for the cultural scrapheap of stuff that was dated almost the instant it appeared. They’ll be the equivalent of POGs, only their shelf life was actuall shorter.

Yeah, agree with this. So far he’s demonstrated that he thinks it’s just peachy to renege on agreements he made with his wife, and to lie to her and sneak around behind her back to do so; and to use his daughter to achieve his own political ends. One wonders what else he’s lied about, and how else he plans to use his kids. What a prize. :rolleyes:

I feel bad for his wife. He casually lies to her, treats her like an accessory rather than an equal partner, doesn’t even regret doing it even after being caught, and yet she has three kids with him now. Packing it in and leaving the douche isn’t quite so simple.

Hmm, I don’t know about that. Let’s see…

Step 1: Pack it in.
Step 2: Leave the douche.

I’ll leave step 3 as an exercise for the reader.

Fuck the wife, what about the kid? What kind of selfish prick brands an innocent baby for life because of his fleeting political erection? This guy sounds like one of those “come blow in daddy’s ignition so I can take you to dance practice and sit at the bar while you’re there” assholes.

Sure, but on an emotional level… how do you explain divorce to kids, especially when daddy was such a clear douche? That’s not something you can (or should, anyway) just come out and say to your kids. No matter what she does, she’s navigating a mine field.

Not that no one in the history of the world has had to handle a divorce-from-douche when there were kids involved, (and I am very much not an advocate for staying together “for the kids” since the destructive relationship they get to see from the inside is going to be the one they model for themselves in later life – it’s incredibly damaging to a kid) but I can’t imagine it’s ever easy to figure out how to protect yourself and the kids, too.

That said, I do think she’d be wiser to get out now, than later, yes. He’s a douche to her, he was a douche to his brand-new baby daughter, you can expect he’ll be a douche to the kids and to her as an ongoing pattern, too. There’s that whole “destructive relationship modeling” thing, that the kids really shouldn’t be forced into.


Hi Opal?

Divorce, hell.

I’d see if I couldn’t arrange to have his douchebag ass eaten by rabid moose. That way, you’d get a little poetic justice and his life insurance.

No court in the land would convict her.