So... what are we calling this decade?

It’s almost over… but have we decided? :confused:

“The two thousands.” End of discussion.

Shut up! It’s almost over. We’ve just about made it through without having to answer this “super important” question of our time!! If we just forget about it, somehow we’ll make it through. Let’s just continue to rephrase our sentences to avoid the issue.

What do you mean exactly? As an example the 1990s were labeled ‘the 90s’ but they were also called things like ‘the decade of the brain’ because of advances in neuroscience.

So I am not sure what you are asking. Do you mean which major accomplishments and failures will we reference when we talk about 2000-2009, or do you mean the numerical term (ie the 80s, the 90s, etc).

Yep. I’m suprised 2009 is almost over and we still haven’t figured out the name of the decade. So I guess we’re gonna skip naming this one. We’ll have the 60s, the 70s, the 80s, the 90s…then another decade…then the Teens, the 20s, the 30s, and so on.

As a global civilization it looks like we’ve given up.

What did they call it 100 years ago?

Straight Dope column on this subject here, although it doesn’t really say for sure. But I do like the Naughty Aughties.

I’ve seen it called the noughties.

We’re not calling it anything. I, for one, approve.

The 00s . . . appropriately, “the uh-ohs.”

Why? You said so?

I have heard no official or unofficial leader for a name.

Maybe we should call it the, “forgotten decade”.

As per a headline we’re running this weekend, sadly it seems to be the Noughties.


Um… that puts my decade in a nutshell. Uh-ohs.

i don’t care what the consensus will be, but I’m going to stick with this one :smiley:

They were? I lived through the entire decade, and was mostly culturally aware of the general zeitgeist, but I haven’t heard of that one.

I can’t believe I have just used the word “zeitgeist”, and done so correctly.

Maybe we should just call this decade “a disaster” and move on to the next one.

I’d pronounce it the oos, like ooze!

There doesn’t seem to be any consensus about it even though it’s apparently been discussed since at least 1974. When you get down to it, few people cared.

Maybe we should call it the “best forgotten decade”.

I’ve heard it called the noughties, too, and I like it best!