So, what are YOU for Halloween?

It’s a safe bet that seawitch is much better looking than Nell Campbell nowadays.

Well… I’ll see ya in a little bit. I’ll be dressed up as the disgruntled customer who just had to haul his two month old 19" two ton moniter back to customer service for the 18th time. Shall we put on a good show? :smiley:

No, really I’ll see you in a little bit.

I’m probably not going anywhere where costumes would be expected, but I might wear something subtle anyway.

I’m thinking either Ash from the Evil Dead movies (khakis, blue shirt, bloody bandage at the end of my right arm), or Tim from the future, from the online comic strip Bobbins. White tshirt, jeans, teapot, and an eyepatch.

seawitch - You are too cool!

a Regular Frankie Fan

Dammit! That’s exactly what I am this year!

I’ll be sitting at home handing out treats to the young’uns, dressup up in my SCA gear…Kilt, Tunic, Claymore etc, etc.

The kids seem to love it every year.

I am currently wearing a big fuzzy white die with red dots. To complement it, I also have another that hangs off my neck, a 4-foot cardboard rear-view mirror on my head, and a giant pine tree car freshener. I’ll post a picture as soon as I can. I’m very happy with the way this year’s last-minute costume turned out. :slight_smile:
(although I have no idea how it will work out at the bars)

Not-quite-suicidally depressed. And you?

I’m Gilligan. Red, long sleeve shirt with a white collar, white sailor’s hat, jeans (wide leg flares) with white tennis shoes.

Everyone else in the office is another character - complete with 2 jungle natives.


I’ve been asked more than once today if I’m horny.

It’s this kind of thing that makes me worry about Halloween in general. Maybe this is for another thread, but gosh, don’t you worry that you might arouse some kind of ire by mocking both the one true GOD and Satan himself?

I know that the tract stories are exaggerated, but Halloween is the continuation of a Pagan ritual night, and I’m always uncomfortable at living in a society that works so comfortably with the false gods of years past.


Already posted to Shirley’s Wiccan tread, but I’ll say it again:

SavedbyJesus, witnessing belongs in Great Debates. Please read the forum guidelines before making any more posts. Thanks.

C’mon, SBJ, first you invade a perfectly peaceful Wiccan thread, and now this. FTR, Halloween was first codified as a holiday by Pope Gregory III in the 8th century when he moved All Saints Day to November 1, making October 31 All Hallows Eve, or Hallow’een. If you’re going to preach, at least get your facts straight, will ya? Halloween is a Christian holiday. Sheesh!

This year’s last-minute costume was a demon. Black skin, silver lips, nails and hair, fangs, and batwings.

Pretty good, but I do leave black smudges everywhere.

Well, I am quite cleverly disguised as a bored, very domestically inclined housewife who needs to get three or four stories written before tomorrow. I just lit the jack-o-lantern. I made dinner. Did laundry. Talked on the phone to mother and sister.

sigh Not one trick or treater yet. It’s a shame, we have good stuff. Individual packs of candy corn, glow in the dark peace signs, plastic house flies and bats, and change, in case anyone is collecting for unicef.

The stupid trick or treaters would be the highlight of the night. I have no parties to go to. I’ve never been to a costume party, can you believe it?

uh-oh, my costume is changing… ahh… now I’ve turned into – a bitching chick!!! scareeeeeee.

I do have a Halloween page with my kitties on there… if you want to stop by.

Oooooo … cute kitties! :slight_smile: Those are some nice pictures, bwk.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I always love to hear compliments on my fuzzy babies.

I wasn’t planning to dress up, but I got bored and restless waiting for trick-or-treaters. First I dressed in black jeans and a black long-sleeve shirt. Then I added black gloves, socks and shoes. A while later I found a black cape my brother wore a few years ago. I am currently also wearing a Santa hat and waving an American flag. I’m not anything particularly, and a few kids have been confused, but I find my attire amusing, and that’s the reason I dressed up after all :stuck_out_tongue:


I was planning to go out tonight as Marie Antoinette, complete with white powdered wig and hoop skirt, but I belatedly realized that the costume was at my mom and dad’s house, and too far to go to get it in time for the big night.

So I went as a Norwegian Ass Pixie. Black and white striped tights, black and white striped stocking cap, red Raggedy Ann wool wig, little black and white striped mini dress, black high-heeled ankle boots. Basically just stuff I pulled out of the closet at the last minute.

I have NO idea what a Norwegian Ass Pixie is, but it sounded like a good idea. I went to a local karaoke bar and howled. Badly. It was great!

I’ll do better next year, I guess.

I dressed up as an Asian goth child! Wha??..Yes I know I’m white…that’s beside the point!