So, what are YOU for Halloween?

I am going in really bad drag, with black under my eyes, and a liberal dusting of baby powder. Add to this a Ziploc bag full of baby powder and with letters adressed to Britney Spears and Carrot Top, and you have…
Anne Thrax!

Hehe, that’s a good one!

What are you doing?


I’m a harried mom for Halloween. But my kids have really cute home-made costumes and are going as Gir (not in his disguise) and Gaz, who are secondary characters on an obscure Nickelodeon cartoon (Invader Zim).

I foresee a long night ahead for the children, explaining who they are again to everyone.

I can’t dress up overmuch at the office, but my mom made me a stunning floor-length cape when I got married (black wool, lined with purple) and I haven’t worn it since. I’m wearing that over a black outfit, plus a witch’s hat. Voila, I am a witch without much effort, and I can easily be normal as needed.

I will be dressed in the standard Best Buy uniform. I will further disguise myself by going to the store, clocking in, and working a shift, all so I can have a realistic costume…

I’m going to be disguised as an actor. Unless our director flakes again and cancels rehearsal without telling us… boy, that’ll REALLY chafe my willy.

I went as Silent Bob.

I’ll be a bad ass hockey goon…since I do have a game tonight.

Stone Cold Steve Austin jersey with the smoking skull on it, my hockey pants (black leggings) my pads and my stick. Too bad I can’t wear the blades at work, but the stick should keep my boss away.

I’m gonna hang out in a cemetery all day.

Just going as myself…I don’t think the security guard in the lobby has ever seen a kilt before…

I’m going to be home alone…

No, not gonna dress up like a kid and yell a lot. Daughter decided yesterday that she was going trick-or-treating with a friend. Hubby is going to Ocala to help his folks move into their new house. So I’ll be home alone with the doggies and a BIG bowl of candy and the computer. I expect the family to come home and find me in sugar shock staring at the screen with a glazed expression…

I shall be posting as Jack Dean Tyler. I will not be wearing a costume. Costumes are just the mind’s attempt to ritualistically restore the foreskin by re-clothing the whole person.

I will be passing out candy (fun size 3Musketeers & Milky Way Midnites) to any trick-or-treaters that show up. Doubt I’ll be in costume this year, I don’t even know where my no-face cowl is. But I did get an idea for next year when I looked in the bathroom mirror this morning. I’ve been combing back my hair since Monday and it’s starting to stay that way even after a night’s sleep. This morning I had the perfect Mad Scientist look. I also have two sisters who work in hospitals; I’m sure one could get ahold of a white lab coat for me, along with a nametag which reads “Dr. Frankenstein.”

I’m wearing black and orange, and I have a pair of really realistic looking horns on my head. It’s a very subtle thing, so most people talk to me for a couple of minutes before realizing I have horns. I’ll try to post a picture somewhere if I get a few minutes.


Right now, I am dead. Base of white makeup, with green “rot” spots and open wounds, plus a long gash in my neck with stitches and fake blood oozing out. Black circles around my eyes, black lipstick. I also did the dead makeup for thre other three women in my department-- just took a group shot, I’ll see if I can post it somewhere. There is a fake spider in my ear, and I’m draped in cobwebs. Seems to be going over rather well!

Gee, nobody ever has any trouble telling when I’M horny. grin

I’m dressed as a giant vampire bat this year. Black sweats, way cool homemade bat wings, black balaclava with homemade bat ears sewn on, rubber bat nose.

It just occurred to me that I will be virtually invisible when taking my son the vampire trick-or-treating tonight. Maybe I can spell out “Die Fledermaus” on my shirt in reflective tape or something.

A stick in the mud.
(and no, that’s not my costume, that’s what I am.) Harrumph.
I have visions of me being the old lady with cats in the creepy house on the hill in years to come.

I am going as an underpaid, overworked, overtired, single parent to a child with ADHD. My costume comes complete with bloodshot eyes and the complimentary purple bags underneath them; the minus bank balance, and the ragged fingernails at fretting over the pile of bills. If that’s not scary, I don’t know what is.

I shall stay at home and eat all of the tootsie rolls out of my child’s loot bag, and all of the Coffee Crisp fun-size bars from the candy I’m supposed to be handing out to the neighbourhood children.

Satan, or a minor devil. I have horns and a tail. I already has a mustache and goatee. You’d think these people around here would be a little old for pulling my tail.

I have short, straight, bright red hair. I am wearing jammies, bunny slippers, and mouse ears. And I’ve been singing all morning…

It was great when it all began,
I was a regular Frankie faaan…