What are you going to be for Halloween?

Is anyone going to dress up for halloween? I was thinking about being Tangled Up in Blue… (all I have to do is get my hands on some blue yarn) What are your ideas?

I’m gonna be a cowgirl! Yippee!

Mr. Amanita and I are going to a block party that night, and I’m desperately trying to come up with an idea for a duo costume. I thought of Sigfriend and Roy (with a toy tiger attached to the throat of whoever is Roy, of course), but our wardrobes are very low on sequins. There’s always the old gender-switch Sonny and Cher costume, I suppose.

Sigfriend? Sigfriend? I guess I shouldn’t have had all that crack for breakfast.

white bunny

I was thinking about being Parker Posey’s character in “The House of Yes”. With a Pink Chiffon dress. Matching pill-box hat.
Hair just so. Ketchup for blood. And little bits of macaroni and other things glued on the front.

I have a combination mullet/mohawk that makes me look a bit horsey, so I’m a be a unicorn.

I wish I had a unitard.


God, I love saying the same thing in the same thread year after year! HAW!

I’m going as Ted Williams. Wool hat, scarf, mittens, frosted hair, blueish skin, Sox jersey, styrofoam cooler around the waist, dry ice pouring out of cooler. You know, the usual.

A friend is having a drag party, so after I got past the temptation to wear some racing get up, I came up with a black and white concept. I found some black shoes that fit me, I’m going to get black & white striped stockings, a black skirt, white shirt, black wig, then paint my face geisha white with black highlights. There’s no way I can pass as a female, so I thought I’d go for freaky.

Depressed. I had to cancel my trip to New Orleans for that week.

my boyfriend would probably like it if I went as Rogue from X-Men but it might be hard to find the cool outfit. I could easily put white streaks in my hair though. :slight_smile:

Killer and I are going as mustard and catsup squeeze bottles.

Larry Flynt. I just got a wheelchair this weekend and I’m spray painting it gold, and I’m gonna wear a Hustler t-shirt and sport coat.

My husband, 4 year old and I are all going to be the cutest vampires in America.

I notice no mention of pants with that outfit…

For work I’m going as a pro wrestler and a cow-orker is going to be my sexy manager. For out I’m going to recycle my fairy princess costume from work last year, and depending on how many events I have I’ll keep my skeleton and devil costumes in reserve.

Anybody have any webspace they would care to donate for Doper-ween pics? I’m happy to let y’all use my Yahoo! photo space if you want to email me pics but if somebody wanted to do something, you know, nice-looking that’d be good too.

Monty Burns from the Simpsons. I found a great rubber mask.

…which is great in lieu of the “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” episode, where Chief Wiggum exclaims “Look, this isn’t Mr. Burns…it’s a mask!” <Tug, tug> “Oh, wait…it is Burns. The skin looks kinda like a rubber mask.”

I am torn between a mermaid costume and a lady gangster (circa 1920ish) costume. I need one more thing for either costume, so I guess it depends on what I find first: a violin case, or green shoes.

Another Dar fan, I see? :smiley:

I can do one of two things;

  1. Pull out the “sexy devil” costume I bought 3 years ago and buy new red fishnets; or
  2. don my lepoard-print skirt, army boots, and “Five by Five” t-shirt, then break myself off a big hunk of tree.

I think I’ve posted this in another thread, but Mr. Amanita and I have decided to dress up as Mr. and Mrs. Conan the Governor. He’s planning to wear a loincloth with suit jacket and tie, Viking horns, and carry a sword. I’m planning a tailored skirt topped with a wenchy bodice with leather accents, professional pumps and hose, pearls, Official Political Wife Helmet Hair™, and pillbox hat with Viking horns on. Oh, and white gloves.