So, what are your Vista gadgets?

I have the clipboard history gadget, weather, MultiMeter (cpu and ram usage), a bandwidth usage meter, notes (the post it notes thingie) and the clock.

What gadgets do you have?

I have a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, a flower pot, a To-Do list, a memo pad, the temperature here and in Omaha, an analog clock, a calculator and news headlines. I think that’s it. It’s disappeared and I can’t remember what to click to bring it back…I’ve only had this computer and Vista for under a week now. Oops, figured it out. I have a calendar, too. I like the way the second hand on the clock has that little extra bounce like a real live clock.

Wow. Only one response in 24 hours. Maybe you should have asked what people have in their purses. That’s always good for a page or two. Judging from all the Vista hate in another thread, I guess people are too intimidated to admit they use it.

The sidebar was the first thing to get turned off since to me it’s just an amazing waste of screen space. Now if I can just find a way to turn off the “command bar” in explorer. (at least I think that’s what it’s called – the toolbar with the ‘organize’, ‘views’ and other icons that keep changing around every time the folder or selection changes)

I hate being left out as a Mac person but I assume these things are similar to my widgets.

I have a constellation map, something that counts the days left that Bush is in office, weather, Entirely useless recipe search engine, this day in history, mactips, calculator, TVSchedule for Smallville, and a clock. Of course I never use any of them. Perhaps if I got rid of some of the more useless widgets they would load faster and be useful.