So what comic book superheros/villains COULD Darth Vader beat?


And I think Vader could take out Batroc…

Mtgman said:

That’s one that specifically bothered me for a long time, but I finally justified it to myself.

See, a Jedi only uses the Force for defense, not offense. So when Luke uses his lightsaber defensively, he can use the force to anticipate strikes and block them before they arrive. But when attacking, he swings it manually - with his arms.

So with the door button, because he was using the door as a weapon, activating the button with the force would have been too direct, but throwing a rock/scull was acceptable.

Okay, that may seem thin. But notice how Yoda was able to catch and deflect objects thrown at him, but didn’t throw things at Dooku. Whereas Vader shouldn’t be hampered by that limitation.

Mtgman said:

I don’t know, can we assume Vader is not a badass just because he is not shown to do things? We aren’t shown him moving fast or having super agility (as Vader), but he never really has a need to, does he?

Take the fights with Luke. In Empire, he’s toying with Luke, totally dominating Luke, and is trying to sway Luke’s feelings and opinions. He could have killed Luke at almost any point had that been his goal. The only reason Luke finally escapes is because he finds a way to get out of Vader’s blade range, and Vader is still trying to sweet talk him. Vader could still have done the throat crush, or thrown more things at him, or made him lose his grip. Hell, Vader might could have caught Luke as he started his fall, if he had thought about it. (There’s a new one I just thought up. Crap.)

Second fight in Jedi, Luke has more oomph, but Vader is still largely trying to control and limit him, not dominate him. It’s only the final rage that Luke suddenly overpowers Vader.

Would Vader and Kenobi’s battle in Star Wars really been better with Pogo Vader and Whirly-Kenobi? They were two experienced duelists sizing each other up to determine each other’s current skill level, then Kenobi makes the sacrifice move. They really didn’t have time to get going hard.

Almost as well as Vader vs Hulk:

Annie: Give in to your anger. Feel it coursing through you

Banner does so and flicks Vader into the next county with his finger.

Hulk: Puny Robot Man.

Batman, if he was… oh, wait, that’s another discussion and proof I’ve been here way, way too long.

John Constantine has won one physical confrontation I can remember. Granted, it was with the ruler of Hell, but there were special circumstances. I would say that if there was a straight up brawl, Vader would win that one. If there was a buildup to it, he might still win, but he’d wind up regretting it in some horrible way that would make his previous suffering seem minor. Y’know, like everyone John meets.

I would also back Vader against The Inferior Five, and Empowered.

Squirrel Girl would kick his ass.

I think Vader would easily win in a fight against John Constantine, but Constantine would be too smart to get in a straight up fight with Vader.

What about Mazikeen from The Sandman and Lucifer? It’s been a while since Lucifer and I haven’t read the whole series so I don’t have a good memory of her abilities, but she seems like someone Darth Vader could beat.

Well, lightsabers do different things in different movies. In the sand skiff fight scene in RoTJ, Luke uses it to knock guards off the skiff into the Sarlacc, with no cutting involved. So there it’s a club. Of course, a few seconds later, he uses it to slice Boba Fett’s blaster in half, so it quickly turned back into a cutting implement.

Video here, go about 2:40 in. Nice Wilhelm scream as well.

Hm. I’d say Vader kills anybody from Spidey to Batman. Force choke and lift him in the air and hold the limbs, walk up to him, chop his head of with the lightsabre. Done. :wink:

But really, It’s about how the magic (force, super power) interact. All the superheros have a higher resistance against basically anything bad, does that include the Force? Can Vader lift and hold a superhero?

What I’d like to see is a fight between a Jedi using only his lightsabre and Uther Doul.

Does Robin the Boy Wonder count as a superhero?

Ah, no, I guess not…

Of course he does. I was excepting civilians, not sidekicks.

I think he might have a shot at Captain Canuck.

I believe it’s not a distance limitation so much as line-of-sight. Vader Force-chokes a guy via video in Empire.

First of all, the lightsabre doesn’t melt the entire door, just the part it’s in immediate contact with, and even that only slowly. Second, if it were possible to melt Captain America’s shield, someone would have done it by now. I can’t give cites, but I’m certain that he’s blocked assorted kinds of energy blasts with his shield at some point in the character’s history. Third, all of the energy in a laser beam is kinetic energy.

I’m pretty sure Vader could f*** up Solomon Grundy. Or Aquaman. Or Apache Chief, or them sissy little pink zeep and zook “form of an ice crystal” fruities.

Damn, now I have an urge to go watch Superfriends.

Vader versus Juggernaut was mentioned above. Could Vader’s powers get by Juggernaut’s helmet?

Oliver Queen is toast.

The helmet withstands the much more powerful Prof. X, so I’d say no.

Poor Empy. :slight_smile:

Anyway—does the Force Choke only work on the windpipe, or could Vader crush other parts…like the aorta?

Depends. Is the Force Choke simply applied telekinesis or is it remotely controlling someone’s reflexes to induce a throat-closing spasm?

So clearly Darth Vader could theoretically induce orgasms in his victims instead. Hehe.

Well, he certainly wouldn’t win against Matter-Eater Lad, because he can eat anything, including light sabers.