So... What do I do with this extra computer?

You may recall that my keyboard failed on my 15-inch MavBook Pro. I bought a 13-inch one so I could do my job. The 15-inch is back, and I’ve copied the desktop from the 13-inch to the 15-inch. Now what? I plan to continue using the larger computer. What do I do with the smaller? Plan A is to store the 13-inch until needed.

We have computers all over the house. I have two in my office, my wife has one, and we have a dedicated “kitchen” computer for browsing while eating (I don’t care much if I get ketchup on the keyboard).
It’s always nice to have a machine at arm’s reach if you need to look something up (or order carry-out).


I couldn’t get my Bluetooth mouse connected to my old computer, so I used the new one as my work computer. Which I guess is good. I wouldn’t have bought it if I didn’t need it for work while the 15" was in the shop, so my accountant says I can write it off next year.

Do you know of some worthy institution that will be closed in x days if y dollars can’t be raised? If so, put the laptop in a raffle. (This works better if it is done in addition to a stage variety show.)